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World of Warcraft Classic Release Date, News and More

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Back in 2017, Blizzard Entertainment stated in the BlizzCon event that they are working on a game named as World of Warcraft Classic.

After quite a long wait, the game is going to be available for the user very soon. There is some news regarding this game that we are going to share it with you.

Release Date

World of Warcraft Classic is an upcoming open-world multiplayer game that is going to release on 27th of August in 2019. The developers have recreated the game as it was during the first release.

Recreation of the World of Warcraft is excellent news for people who are gaming for a long time. However, the game will only be available for the Windows and macOS users while the PS4 and Xbox users will not be able to play this game on their platform.


The Blizzard Entertainment reproduce the World of Warcraft Classic game as it was in patch 1.12.1 back in 2006. However, the game might be somehow similar to the other WOW series, but it may also include many new things.

The Highest Level of the user is set 60, while all the other expansion content will not be present. Gameplay mechanics of the first edition is almost a replica.

The multiple expansions are changed due to which the Classic version is much different from the current edition of the World of Warcraft game.

There are about eight races in the game, including gnomes, dwarves, humans, trolls, orcs, tauren, night elf, and forsaken.

The nine classes in the World of Warcraft classic game include priest, druid, paladin, mage, shaman, hunter, warrior, and the warlock. Content in the World of Warcraft class will be published in different phases such as the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, Blackwing Lair, and Naxxramas raids.

World of Warcraft Classic is much harder game than Retail World of Warcraft, so many players now are looking for best WoW guides, to level up their characters, and best ways to acquire World of Warcraft Classic Gold (WoWC Gold). The easiest way to get Classic WoW Gold is to buy it from online marketplaces. But there is always the hard and fun way, to grind it out yourself.

World of Warcraft Classic beta version

The developers have introduced the beta version of the WOW classic game in which the user can get a short idea about the game. This beta version means that a player can play a demo of the game before the release.

By giving this news, the developers are increasing the excitement of the WOW fans. But only a few users will be able to experience the beta version.

However, Blizzard Entertainment has introduced few steps that can help the user to register himself for the beta version of the game. Those few steps include the sign up of Battle.net account, buy the subscription of the game, and you are in the list to play the beta World of Warcraft Classic.

Before spending your money, keep it in mind that there are already many people in the line that want to play the beta version which means you will have to be lucky enough to win among millions of people.

So if you got a chance to play the beta version, it would be a rare thing. I would recommend that rather than spending the money you can wait for some time for the original release.

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