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How Technology is Taking Fashion Beyond the Superficial

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For most of us, choosing which clothes and accessories to wear on a given day has more to do with comfort and style than performance. That figure-hugging dress or exquisitely-tailored suit may look stunning, but they offer little in the way of practicality (they may even hamper your range of movement, depending on their specific fit).

However, as technology becomes more streamlined and flexible, designers are experimenting with new and exciting ways to integrate it with fashion. Today, clothing and accessories are taking on an entirely new purpose, mingling luxurious aesthetics with cutting-edge performance.

To illustrate this point, here are four bold breakthroughs resulting from visionary combinations.

Emel + Aris Smart Coats

This is one of the most exciting innovations in high-tech fashion. Rana Nakhal Solset, designer at Emel + Aris, has created a range of chic smart coats which help the wearer maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Crafted with a lightweight heating technology, these coats keep you warm regardless of how cold your surroundings are. Each coat includes three different heating levels (low, medium, high), enabling you to regulate your own comfort as and when you like.

These smart coats run on rechargeable batteries – but the functionality doesn’t end there: a USB port allows you to charge your phone, too.

FYL Charging Bags

As anyone who has to use their phone constantly throughout the day will know, forgetting your charger can seriously complicate matters.

However, the FYL charging bag provides a solution. These stylish bags feature their own inbuilt power source, offering enough energy to charge a smartphone as much as seven times in one day. There are multiple variations, with brown, green, blue, cream, and black available to suit a broad range of tastes.

These bags remain lightweight, highly-practical, and ensure your smartphone stays hidden away while charging. It’s a real breakthrough in the fashion-tech merger, uniting these two areas to outstanding effect.

ION Belts

ION Belts

As with the smartphone-charging bags discussed above, the ION Belt offers a practical purpose alongside stunning design.

While the concept of a phone-charging belt may evoke images of a clunky, unattractive creation hanging around your waist, the ION belt is far from this. As a sleek, stylish accessory with no obvious difference to a standard belt, the ION belt features a discrete USB port with 3,000mAh, enough to charge the latest smartphones almost twice.

The ION Belt empowers wearers with the ability to keep their vital lifestyle-companion powered-up and ready to use.

The growing bond between fashion and cutting-edge technology opens up all manner of possibilities for the future, providing innovators with a powerful testing-ground for their most boundary-testing concepts.

Paul Tomaszewski is the founder of CosmoBC. He enjoys programming and writing on topics such as technology, business, astronomy, and many more. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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