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    How Iceland is Closing the Gender Pay Gap

    A law took effect in Iceland on January 1, 2018, mandating women and men receive equal pay for equal work in business concerns employing more than 25 people. Of course, Iceland has long been recognized as a world leader in gender equality. Women must hold nearly half the Icelandic corporate board seats by law. Moreover, women hold some 41.5 percent of the island nation’s managerial positions. So, how is Iceland closing the gender wage gap? Let’s take a look. Society More Gender Equal Women have long held positions of power in Icelandic government. Its first democratically elected female president, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, inaugurated in August of 1980, was also the first…

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    Charities That Make A Difference for Women

    One of the great things about donating to charities is that you can contribute to causes you really care about. There are charities focused on animals and conservation, feeding the hungry, helping children. These are all great causes, but today we’re talking about women. Nonprofits and philanthropic organizations dedicated to empowering women and improving their lives all over the world are hard at work all over the world and looking for contributions from donors of both funds and time. Americans gave to charity like never before during the 2020 pandemic, and all signs suggest that trend will continue into 2021. If you’ve been thinking it’s time to take action and…

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    Top 10 Cute and Trendy Maternity Clothes

    While being pregnant can be an exciting time, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its complications and difficulties. From the cravings you get at odd hours, to discomforts and the feeling of being tired, shortness of breath (to name a few) can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time being pregnant. In times like these, it is of utmost importance that you not only feel good about yourself, but you should also look good and feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong in styling your baby bump. So here we have compiled a list of fashionable maternity dresses for every trimester. The Ever-Comfortable Pajamas set Pajamas are one…

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    Reasons Why You Should Wear Jewelry

    For around twenty-five thousand years, pendants and necklaces have been a sign and mark for identification, rank, and authority. Today, jewelry is associated with women, and ornaments are known to enhance the aura and the overall look. However, men are also involved in wearing and buying jewelry. People used to be so eager to wear these pieces that they used stones, bones, and flowers to make little pieces of jewelry and showed them off. They have always lived up to the expectations of people to make them look more beautiful and appealing. Let’s look at the reasons for wearing jewelry so you will be convinced never to skip it from…

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    Western Boot Sizes and Tips for Finding the Right Fit

    Western boots that fit correctly are snug and feel good on your feet. While they become more comfortable over time, they don’t require an extensive break-in period — they start molding to your feet within a few hours of wear. Western boots fit more snugly than other types of shoes, but they shouldn’t pinch or feel uncomfortable. If they do, the fit is incorrect. Boot Shopping Boot shopping is fun, but with so many choices, it’s sometimes overwhelming. When shopping online, stick with reliable websites that you trust to make your buying experience pleasant. Shopping for western boots at Russell’s will give you access to a variety of styles and…

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    4 Best Shoes for Women On the Go

    Busy women face the tricky task of balancing personal style with functional performance. This is particularly important when it comes to shoes. Finding footwear that looks and feels good throughout your long and busy day is a challenging task. Consider these four style staples for a well-rounded collection of footwear that can stand up to your schedule. They’ll give you something for any outfit and every activity. Flats With Support Flats are easy options for busy women, thanks to their incredible style versatility. A sleek pair of flats can go from the boardroom to the soccer field without missing a step. While you can wear flats just about anywhere, there…

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    The Beach Wedding of Your Dreams: What You Need for Your Beach Wedding

    Picture the warm sun just dipping below the horizon, the sky bathed in warm orange light as you walk down the makeshift aisle towards your husband-to-be, your toes burying in the warm sand as the waves crash before you. This magical image is the reason why many brides choose to marry on the beach. Beach weddings combine the splendor of the ocean and the romance of the beach, with the casual feel of an outdoor wedding. Costing Out a Beach Wedding The cost of a wedding can vary pretty wildly and nowhere is that clearer than with a beach wedding. While most people assume a beach wedding is very affordable…

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Perfume

    Perfume is a fantastic cosmetic and everyone should have at least one which they apply in their daily routine. If you do not like perfume then it is understandable why you may not want to wear it. However, if you are thinking about finding the right one for you, here are 5 reasons why you should! It Gives a Great First Impression One of the most pleasant things you can experience in a conversation is someone who smells nice. Even walking past someone on the street who has a nice perfume will make you turn around to see where they are going. If you want to be memorable, for example…

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    5 Rules on How to Wear Long Dresses

    The maxi dress is one of the most versatile pieces in fashion right now. It can be worn dressed up or down. You can make it preppy or boho-chic, and you can do what you please with it. However, even though there are so many ways you can wear a maxi anymore, there are a few simple style rules that will help you elevate your look. Taking it from casual to classic is simpler than you might imagine, and these rules make it easy for you to take note of the small mistakes you might be making when you get dressed in the morning. The most important part of wearing…

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    Some Classic Jewellery for Every Woman

    Not every jewellery design is the same. Some piece of jewellery reaches iconic status and becomes classic pieces. Do you have an inclination to buy the same colour dresses always or outfits of the same style? Does your wardrobe contain only a few go-to outfits? Such styling habits are very common among women’s because this way they create their own unique style and it becomes easy for them to get ready. But an outfit is never complete without perfect accessories with them. No matter whether you are going to the office or some casual party few classic accessories will do a lot of good. This is the main reason you…