• Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Stenella Plagiodon

    What Do Dolphins Eat?

    Dolphins are very intelligent creatures and seem to be well loved by humans. The amazing aquatic mammal has many qualities that have been fascinating mankind for centuries. Dolphins are curious creatures known to make strong bonds within their pod and apart from that, they are also known to help humans in variety of ways like fishing and rescuing.

  • Colorado Mountains

    Why You Should Holiday in Colorado

    Colorado is a very popular holiday destination and it has been for many years. If you’re thinking of going somewhere special this year you need to check out Colorado vacation villas from luxury retreats. But why should you go to Colorado and what’s so great about it? Read on for more information!

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    General Travel

    Things People Consider Before They Choose a Country with Wildlife to Visit

    Most countries have that unique feature they are identified with. Some are known to have the best nature and at the same time, there are those known for their wildlife. However, not everyone is interested in everything in a particular destination. So, that begs the question of what really intrigues some people when they visit countries with wildlife? Most people always want a new experience when they visit a country with wildlife, this is according to quora.com. The new experience might involve seeing new types of animals. Most people want to see something they haven’t seen before when on holiday. Something that they haven’t seen in their country. That is…

  • Lake Minnewanka Banff Alberta Canada

    5 Tips for Taking Great Nature Photos in the Canadian Wilderness

    Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, the Canadian wilderness should be a high priority on your photography bucket list. Boasting scenic delights like alpine mountainsides and marshes teeming with wildlife, there are endless opportunities to take some National Geographic worthy snaps. If you’re planning your next expedition into the Canadian wilderness, why not check out these five tips to elevate your photos from standard to stunning? 1. Bring the right photography equipment This might sound obvious, but in the world of smart phones, it can be all too tempting to skimp on equipment and rely on your iPhone’s point-and-click. According to Canadian photographer Lori Janeson, you should…

  • Taj Mahal India

    4 Places That You Must Visit When You Travel to India

    India is a unique travel destination; a destination that offers not only one-of-a-kind cultures, but also scenic views and magical and historical beautiful flora and fauna. It is not just an attraction for the locals but also for international travelers and voyagers. Therefore, if India is on your travel calendar, then you are up for an exceptional experience in the beautiful land of India.

  • Leopard

    Five Fantastic Trips for Photographers in Southern Africa

    Filled with wondrous wildlife, interesting cultures, and enthralling adventures, Africa is a visionary buffet for photographers on the hunt for epic shots. Travelling, more specifically to the southernmost countries of the continent, should find you in photo shoot locations nothing short of amazing. Here are five dream destinations in Southern Africa fantastic for photographers.

  • Cheetah running photo by Michael Moss. License: CC BY-ND 2.0.

    4 Events That Animals Would Win At The Olympics, Easily

    Remember when humans were breaking the four-minute mile or the 10 second 100-meter sprint? Impressive wasn't it. But, those records would mean nothing if animals could compete in the Olympic Games. Today, we're going to look at five fabulous creatures that would stroll to a gold medal after gold medal if they were taking part. Without even breaking a sweat.

  • Marine Animals Fish Coral Reefs

    Protecting the Life of Our Waters

    Scientists have long been predicting the dangerous impacts of a changing climate. Some of these fears range from extreme weather changes to the submersion of populated cities. These fears become significantly more acute as we focus more heavily upon the impacts a changing climate has on our marine ecosystems.