• Home Internet

    3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Home Internet

    In recent years we have become more and more dependent on home internet services. From online shopping, to working from home, being able to browse the web from the comfort of your own living room is a luxury of the modern age. However, did you know that there is a chance that you could be paying too much for your home internet? Your home internet should not have to come at a high price.Let us discover 3 easy ways to save money on your home internet. Work Out What You Need Start by assessing how much internet your household actually uses. If you frequently stream music, films and TV shows,…

  • Jaywalking
    Criminal Law

    Crime and Punishment: 4 Laws You May Have Broken Without Even Realising It

    Have you ever broken the law? “Of course not,” you reply, despite knowing the number of laws you probably have broken. From speeding occasionally to pinching the odd chocolate bar from the store as a child, it’s a wonder there aren’t ‘Wanted’ signs up around town with a ransom for your arrest. We are joking, of course, but many of us have knowingly committed a crime at some point in our lives. However, chances are, there may be crimes that you are committing unwittingly. Check out the following examples. 1. Crossing the road Crime: Most of us cross one road or another every single day. Why should that be illegal?…

  • Student Smartphone
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    8 Tech Items for the College Bound Student

    If you're the right age to have children bound for college, it's likely you remember quite a different high school or college experience than kids today. Instead of books, notepads, and folders, today's students often need materials a little more modern. Tech is pretty much essential for a student to survive and the right tech can make getting those high grades a little easier than it used to be.

  • Android Save Battery
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    How to Save Battery on Android?

    Nice becomes naughty; this quote holds very true when you switches from a feature phone to a brand new smartphone. The moment we bought a smartphone, we started building castles in the air. We started sifting through the Google Play Store and end up installing several applications; including HD games. Here, the first thing to keep in mind is that smartphones are also known as battery-drainers. Manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LR or Huawei, etc. are offering their best with every newly launched smartphone. Battery-issues doesn’t belong to the device’s manufacturer, it entirely depends on the way you use your Android smartphone. Here are some tips following which you can…

  • Morocco Van Travel
    General Travel

    How To Travel And Make Money At The Same Time

    Would you like to live the dream and travel around the world? It's a nice idea, but it isn't plausible for most people. You need a lot of money to pay for the trip that could take months to complete. Saving that money is almost impossible when you consider your other financial obligations. There is, however, one possible solution.

  • Audi R8
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    How Automotive Technology Is Advancing at a Startling Rate

    Everywhere we look nowadays, we see technology moving forward at an ever-increasing pace. It seems like new phones come out every other week, and technology that even science fiction authors wouldn't have dreamed of sixty years ago is now commonplace. Who would have thought that cars will someday drive themselves? Or that we would have drones flying around and monitoring everything we do?