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    Save Money on Your Wedding – 8 Insider Tips & Tricks

    According to The Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings survey, an annual roundup of wedding trends and costs, the average U.S. wedding cost more than $35,000 last year. That figure represents a huge jump from the previous year, when newlyweds shelled out less than $33,000 for their nuptials. The good news? According to Cost of Wedding, an online wedding cost calculator for U.S. couples, most American newlyweds spend less than $10,000 to tie the knot. Cost-conscious couples can find a lot of fat to cut from their wedding budgets. Brides.com recently published an exhaustive list of 50-plus ways to save money on a wedding, and you can find plenty more suggestions in…

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    Fashion and Men’s Wedding Rings – How to Make the Right Choices

    Whether you are dressing for work, school or a special occasion, picking the right clothing will have a significant effect on not only how you look, but how you are perceived as well. You can be stylish and comfortable by being creative and putting together versatile outfits. Versatility If your goal is to be fashionable but you have a hectic schedule or want to be effortlessly stylish, a wardrobe with different pieces that work well together will make your life easier. Your collection of clothes should be easy to mix and match to ensure that you always dress comfortably and according to your style preferences. A wardrobe that is full…