• Senior Healthcare Tech

    How Modern Rehabilitative Devices Are Helping Senior Citizens Regain Independence

    For most senior citizens, the ability to preserve their independence is imperative to their self-esteem. That is the reason you will find it difficult to convince your parents or grandparents to leave their apartments or homes and live under specialized care. They want to be able to move about on their own and take their own decisions. They refrain from asking for help or constant attention as they do not want to compromise their freedom at any cost. That poses a significant threat to their health and wellbeing. For example – over 40% of the nursing home admissions of the senior adults result from failure to take medications at the…

  • Woman Phone Sports

    Top 4 Technologies and Emerging Strategies in Sports Marketing

    All industries experience foundational shifts in the ever-changing technological environment, and sports marketing is no exception. The immense scope of its platform is startling, and franchises and leagues are turning to cutting-edge technology to build winning teams and capitalize on fan passion. The goal is establishing a solid customer base and growing additional revenue sources, such as corporate sponsorship through operational transformations, corporate restructures, and new techniques intended to reach its target audiences. Creating Innovations Shifting criteria, views, beliefs, and expectations of sports consumption requires catering to those unique perspectives. Teams, leagues, athletes, agencies, and media outlets are not only competing for new fan recognition, but are racing against each…