• Solar Panel Array House Roof

    Alternative Heating Solutions for Off-Grid Living

    Green heating solutions are not just ideal for lowering your energy heating costs. They provide a ready solution when your property does not have access to electricity and gas supply. They provide ingenious solutions that help you solve heating and lighting headaches that come with this lack of access. You will live comfortably in your property without any danger of freezing to death.

  • Water Faucet

    5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

    What are the first things you do in the morning? You check your email, brush your teeth, and take a hot shower to energize yourself for the workday. Now imagine that one day, as you go about your usual routine, you notice that there’s no hot water. That’s something that can ruin your entire day completely. Heated water is one of the perks of the modern age. It is such a natural occurrence in our lives that we take it for granted and ignore the warning signs that announce a potential problem. That is until we wake up one day and discover that instead of hot, steamy water, our boiler…