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    5 Shabby Chic Living Room Decor Ideas That Are Also Affordable

    The shabby chic trend is one of the most popular home décor trends of the year and is a great opportunity to start using those vintage pieces you keep finding in your parent’s house. The style became popular in the ‘80s, both as a way to give a new purpose to old items, as well as because of budget limitations some had to face. Since then, its popularity grew and magazines became filled with pages and pages of shabby chic décor ideas. Below is a list of 5 affordable ways to bring this popular décor style into your living room. Start With The Walls To make the design of the…

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    How to Hide Home Damage from Your Landlord

    We all get in this awkward situation at least once in our lives: our landlord is at the house and you know there’s something they won’t want to see that could possibly get you in trouble. Nine times out of ten it’s easily fixable, but it’s just not fixed yet. Maybe it just happened a few days ago or it’s a personal improvement you made to the place but it’s technically against the lease. It will only benefit you to know how to cover up damage from your landlord. 1. Decorate Your Walls If the damages you are trying to hide are cracks or stains on the walls, try decorating…

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    How Color Affects Home Décor

    Variety is the spice of life. Color is one major way of providing that variety. This is particularly true when speaking of home décor. It’s true that many homes are staged with neutral wall colors, like white or earth tones. But there are ways to provide some variety in your home, according to your personal taste. Much research has been done on the impact of color in our lives, particularly our moods. The way you decorate your home shows reflections of a mood you create in each room. So we’ll connect the dots in this article, and show the role of color in decorating. The Interaction of Color There are…

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    Why You Should Opt For High End Painting Services

    If you have heard the term “high end” being used for selling cars and gadgets and not for painting services, then you are not alone. High end conjures up images of cars that have the best features both internally and externally. High end also conjures up images of gadgets such as the latest iPhone with the best features rather than the entry level ones. Similarly it conjures up images of restaurants with a high priced wine menu, sophisticated dishes which are difficult to pronounce etc. So, when you hear of high end painting services, then naturally you would be confused because painting means painting, what high end can there be.…

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    Eye-falsifying: Sneaky Ways You Need to Know for a Spacious Bedroom

    Your bedroom is a sacred place where you recover from a day’s work. However, is there are times that you feel engulfed by a black hole made of hopelessness because of the bedroom’s small space? Instead of resting, you feel conflicted like you’re hiding out in a cave. When an area lacks natural lighting, storage, and color palette, you will feel claustrophobic. Katie Hutchison, architect and author of “The New Small House” said that small house living is a trend that many people are embracing. “Smaller homes are not only more affordable and gentler on the environment, but it can be empowering to have less to maintain and less to…

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    How to Get the Most Out of Your Loft Conversion Project

    With cities getting more and more crammed and apartments becoming tinier than ever before, every inch of free space is a blessing. As such, turning your loft into an extra bedroom, a new office or the gym you’ve always wanted can be an excellent idea. There’s no doubt that loft conversion is one of the most versatile home improvement projects. Not only that it’s a straightforward way to gain extra space, but it can also add value to your property. But before you begin, you need to have a plan that properly assesses what the project will entail and if what you’re envisioning is feasible. Here are four tips on…

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    Common Mistakes That You Need To Avoid When Painting Your House

    One of the best ways of rejuvenating your home is to paint it, both outside and inside. The easiest way of achieving a great result is by engaging a professional painter, however, you can do it yourself if you have the necessary confidence and skills. The real secret of achieving a professional finish is to avoid the typical mistakes that most amateur painters trip up on. Some common examples: Painting On a Dirty or Unprepared Surface Apart from its aesthetic value, painting serves to protect the surface on which it is applied. Unless the paint properly adheres to the surface not only will it look unsightly but also let the…

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    How to Decorate with Colour

    When you’re staring at white walls, decorating with colour feels like a huge task. What if you choose the wrong shade? Luckily, there are some hints on how to match colour, which can help you out. Whether you’re picking colours for a living room, or selecting shades for your bathroom, you have to look beyond the paint or wallpaper. Read on to find out how furniture and lighting can help you decorate with colour and elevate your room! Consider tones Depending on the room you’re decorating and the time of year, you could be choosing from an entire colour wheel. Let’s say you’re painting your bathroom in the spring. You…

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    Calming Bedroom Colours for a Great Night’s Sleep

    When you’ve been on the go all day, you need to feel complete relaxation when you retire to your bedroom at night. And you can do this by choosing paint colours which will calm you down and boost your mood. But with thousands of hues that can be created, where do you begin? Read our guide to find out more about calming bedroom colours for a great night’s sleep. Why choose calm colours? When you have a lot on your mind, it can be hard to relax and your sleep can be interrupted. But as well as having a good quality mattress, you can improve your chances of a better…