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    How to Combine Volunteerism with Travel

    Being socially conscious is pretty cool these days. Consumers want to patronize companies that behave responsibly and produce environmentally sustainable products with well-paid workers. Travelers want to minimize their impact on the places they visit. It sometimes seems like everyone wants to feel like they’re making a positive difference, no matter the activity.

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    Eco-Vacations for Socially Conscious Adventurers

    From the carbon footprint of air travel to the problems of increased pollution in common tourist destinations, taking a vacation can have a dramatic, and sometimes negative, impact on the environment. But does it have to? The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” In other words, you are responsible for creating a positive impact on the communities you visit and leaving a place better than how you found it. If you’re on board with these principles of sustainable travel, consider taking an eco-vacation if you haven’t had the chance. Ecotourism supports local conservation efforts…

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    Boosting Office Morale through Volunteer Work

    Everyone knows that taking a little extra time out of the week to volunteer at the nearby animal shelter, group home, hospital, or even with family members, can be one of the most satisfying and personally rewarding things. Less does everyone know, however, that it can also improve a person’s daily working life, including attitude, motivation, and even overall productivity! Regular volunteer work does more than positively affect individuals, though — it’s thought to boost overall office morale when employees are doing the work together as a team. Whether during regular work hours or outside of them, it’s said that when a group of people work together toward a common…