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    General Education

    The Role of Technology in Transforming Education

    The education industry is one of the most fundamental aspects of society, and it plays a crucial role in shaping individuals and the communities in which they live. Over the past few decades, there has been a rapid and widespread integration of technology in various fields, and education is no exception. The use of technology in education has brought about significant changes and has transformed the traditional classroom model, leading to a more personalized and flexible learning environment.

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    Real Estate

    Benefits of emerging technologies in real estate

    Real estate is widely regarded as one of the last industries to embrace technology. Realtor lock boxes that facilitated home showings were once viewed as cutting edge. Now, many homes are being purchased sight unseen, something previous generations would have regarded as ludicrous. Baby Boomers liked to kick the tires before purchasing a vehicle and some even wanted to crawl beneath a house to check for any structural issues and signs of termites before making the purchase, believing their own eyes over even a home inspector. The industry has been changing incrementally for decades. Before long, home inspections became commonplace and a certification process for inspectors was established in the…

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    Robotics & Artificial Intelligence,  Security,  Software

    5 Software Development Trends That Will Dominate 2018

    2017 is behind us. It was the year of chatbots, customer-centricity, and — security breaches. We saw great things being announced and important developments put in motion. We also saw the bad side of tech show its ugly face. Will 2018 be better? It's hard to predict. We know it will be different. And we can certainly look into trends that will shape software development in the coming twelve months.

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    Would Virtual Reality (VR) replace Smartphone in Future?

    The research on Virtual Reality is growing day by day. In today world technology is changing and developing rapidly and many latest technologies are perceived to get obsolete in future.  Smartphones were a game changer in the era of the cellphone. They surpassed the traditional phone industry. Many conventional phone developers who couldn’t develop with time eradicated from the market. Now, the smartphone industry is facing another challenge in the form of Virtual Reality. It’s hot debate of the day that whether VR has potential to replace the Smartphone. Is it Time to say goodbye to Smartphone? As new technologies are growing and companies are investing heavily in latest technologies,…

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    From KFC to Healthcare: VR Training is Here

    What once was science fiction is now science fact. Virtual reality (VR) training offers a new, modern way for professionals to engage in learning. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) recently announced their latest training module called “The Hard Way — a KFC Virtual Training Escape Room,” which teaches employees how to inspect, rinse, bread, rack, and pressure fry ingredients without ever having to enter a kitchen. This highlights a wider trend toward VR training than we’ve ever seen before, with simulated learning being taken seriously among professionals across multiple fields as well as in education. Lucas Rizzotto’s recent series, “How VR, AR, & AI Can Change Education Forever”, imagines that the…

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    Some Technology You Once Only Dreamed Of

    Technology is one of those things that is always expanding and always surprising the layman that loves using it but doesn’t always understand just how it works. Virtual reality may still feel like science fiction to some people, even though it’s becoming a more and more common thing in the world. Drones still seem alien to some people and they are used by the military and by photo- and videographers on a regular basis.

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    Top 4 Technologies and Emerging Strategies in Sports Marketing

    All industries experience foundational shifts in the ever-changing technological environment, and sports marketing is no exception. The immense scope of its platform is startling, and franchises and leagues are turning to cutting-edge technology to build winning teams and capitalize on fan passion. The goal is establishing a solid customer base and growing additional revenue sources, such as corporate sponsorship through operational transformations, corporate restructures, and new techniques intended to reach its target audiences. Creating Innovations Shifting criteria, views, beliefs, and expectations of sports consumption requires catering to those unique perspectives. Teams, leagues, athletes, agencies, and media outlets are not only competing for new fan recognition, but are racing against each…

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    How Technology Has Changed the Way We Live

    It's unlikely that even the most forward-thinking technology pioneers of the 1970s could have envisioned the world in which we live today. While the personal computing revolution made possible many of the devices and services that we use on a daily basis, the connections that we enjoy are far more robust and natural than our technological forebears could ever have imagined.