• IOTransfer
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    Review of iDevice Manager – IOTransfer

    You may have accumulated a lot of vital information on your iDevices, and perhaps you are considering to do something about transferring it to your PC. Maybe you have photos, videos or other important files on your iPad and you want to make a backup. So an iPhone, iPod and iPad transfer software built specifically for these purposes will be of great help!

  • Video Editing
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    Video Editing: Basic Ways for Beginners to Edit Videos Effectively

    As a beginner you may have had high hopes when you decided to try to edit a video for the first time – only to have them dashed almost immediately when you realized it is far more complicated than it looks. The fact of the matter is that video editing has a notoriously steep learning curve, and beginners often struggle with it. While it does take time and experience to edit videos the way that professionals do – that shouldn’t be your goal when you start out. Instead, you should focus on a few basic ways that you can edit videos effectively – without having to tie yourself in knots:…

  • iPhone Camera
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    How Is Professional Videography Surviving the Deluge of Smartphones and Video Editing Apps?

    It is safe to say that this year is going to be the year of video. In short, it is everywhere. As a result, finding good quality video feed had become more challenging than it was ten years ago when smartphones with cameras were not as popular. With the rapid rise of GoPro, Android, Apple, drone tech and YouTube, the video culture has changed everywhere. Whether you are browsing the web for niche films or you are watching a nature-adventure show on television, you will find multiple instances of non-conventional videography. Several programs on the TV rely on the use of body cams and GoPros for filming the incidents from…

  • Youtube

    Target Your Audience Strategically For Successful Video Marketing

    Numerous statistics and studies proved that online marketing is daily on the rise, and some of these studies show that video advertising actually works. Videos have more than 50% capacity of generating organic traffic than more traditional text pages. Online video marketing is hugely attractive to many businesses for lots of reasons. It is fairly inexpensive to make videos and post them on various social networks. If you spend some money to record just one online video, that video could still be getting traffic for your business many years after. The benefits of posting online videos are multiple. Understanding effective video marketing strategies is important for your business growth. To…

  • YouTube Hands
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    How to Save YouTube Videos on a PC

    Over the years YouTube has become synonymous with sharing and streaming video content, and is without a doubt the largest platform on the internet for doing so. As much as it has no shortage of content however, you need to be online in order to view any YouTube videos as the platform itself doesn’t let you save videos so that you can watch them when you’re offline.

  • Audio Music Sounds
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    How to Record Audio from a Website

    Did you come across a website that was playing a particularly interesting piece of music? Maybe you like to listen to internet radio and found a great song that was on the air? At some point or other almost everyone has encountered music that they’d like to be able to record and listen to again or share with others – but what most people don’t realize is that it is actually really simple to do so. By far the easiest way to record audio from website is with the help of Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Granted it is a screen capture software, but it also comes with the ability to…