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    5 Things Every College Dorm Needs

    So, the time has come for you to step things up a notch in terms of academic achievement and independence. As a freshman, your dorm room will be your home and base for the next two semesters and it’s important that you furnish it with the right stuff. Today we’ll be looking at 5 things that you will need for your dorm room to make your life as easy as possible. Bed risers with USB ports and outlets After a marathon study session (or party session), nothing beats relaxing on your bed with your phone. These bed risers lift your bed, making it possible to store bigger things underneath. It…

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    Business Tools

    BYOD Is the Hot New Business Trend, But Is it Safe?

    BYOD. It means “bring your own device” to work. Successful businesses understand the benefit of allowing for personal devices in the workplace. BYOD means businesses are spending less on hardware because the employee is providing their own. And, the Good Technology State of BYOD Report found that employees are happy to supply their own devices. This is likely due to a preference for their personal devices, which often times are actually more feature-rich compared to the lacking features of bulk equipment. Businesses that furnish equipment to their employees often have to think about budget first and features second, but BYOD eliminates this from the equation. Unfortunately, the BYOD model isn’t…