• Shola Grasslands And Forests Kudremukh National Park Karnataka

    Explore the South a Little More – 10 Places to Scout in India!

    South India is not just a single term made of two words. There are wise men around who had great experiences and intellect to see the difference in all the Indian states that comprise to make one South India. Four states that fall in distinction to make South India a whole entity starkly different compared to its northern counterpart are: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh along with the group of islands located both in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

  • Sweden Nature

    10 Unmissable Spots in Sweden

    Sweden is dotted with amazing cities and boasts of the spectacular landscape. You will find some very good reasons to head to Sweden, and one is never far from lush forests, the sea or the lakes in this amazing Scandinavian beauty. There is a lot to do and explore in Sweden.

  • Darjeeling Hillside India West Bengal. Photo by flowcomm. License: CC BY 2.0.

    7 Best Summer Honeymoon Places in India

    India is one of the most coveted tourist destination in the world today. Each year numerous couples travel to various Indian cities for their honeymoon. But finding the right spot for your honeymoon in the giant Indian subcontinent is not a child's play. The following list presents handpicked destinations in India, which guarantee a memorable honeymoon experience.

  • Great Wall of China near Beijing

    Top 5 Cities to Visit in China

    Lush green terraced fields, bucolic villages, beckoning bamboo forests, thought-provoking Buddhist cave statues and the Great Wall winding across mighty mountains, China as a country is anything but ordinary. The world's oldest civilization that continues till today has loads of history from the olden days as well as the razzmatazz of the contemporary urban life.

  • Split, Croatia Panorama

    Split – City of the Fallen Roman Emperor

    Split, also known as the Mediterranean Flower, is one of the cities every history lover must visit. Being the residence of the roman emperor Diocletian, Split has plenty to offer which makes it a famous tourist hotspot and UNESCO protected heritage site. Read on to discover the hidden beauties which made even Diocletian fall in love.

  • Lisbon, Portugal panorama photo by Anna Tomaszewski

    5 Places You Must Visit in Europe During Summer!

    If you are still looking for a place where to spend the upcoming summer holidays, a trip to Europe might be the answer! Discover famous ancient heritage sites, enjoy the Mediterranean climate and beautiful summer hotspots. No matter if you are looking for history and culture or summer and parties, Europe got plenty of both.

  • Valley Of The Temples, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

    Agrigento, Taormina and Syracuse: Why Visit Sicily?

    Sicily is without a doubt one of the most beautiful islands in the whole of the Mediterranean. Each year, vast numbers of tourists flock to Sicily in order to explore this magnificent corner of the world. If you are currently planning your trip, you will be able to locate and book splendid holiday apartments in Sicily online.

  • Lovech, Bulgaria
    General Travel

    Top Countries to Go Sightseeing

    So many places to go, so many things to see. It's not easy picking where to travel when you live on such a richly cultured planet. Picking a "top list" for sightseeing isn't easy, especially with so many preferences and differences among one another, but skipping these countries on your travels across the world is definitely not recommended.