• English Fish And Chips

    Cheers at Your Next Party: 8 Delicious British Snacks to Share With Your Hunky-Dory Mates

    British food often gets a bad rap, and it certainly lacks the glamour of French or Italian food. The unfortunate names of some items probably don't help. "Spotted dick," to pick an extreme example, sounds revolting, but it is actually a perfectly good desert. "Toad in the hole" also sounds less than appetizing. Many British foods have endured and been enjoyed for generations, which would not be the case if they weren't actually quite tasty. Here is a list of British snacks worth serving at a get-together.

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    Criminal Law

    The 2017 Standard Crime Contract and Specification

    The LAA has very kindly published the 2017 Standard Crime Contract on the internet, which means it is possible to see exactly what the specifications are for the employed status of duty solicitors and also any restrictions on crime supervisors. Please see the extract in bold regarding ghost duty solicitors and the new requirements for each duty solicitor working with a firm. If you find yourself in need of criminal law courses, they are online resources available. Contract work introduction Unless otherwise stated, definitions that are set out in Legal Aid Legislation and the Standard Terms apply to this Specification and are not repeated. In Specification, some expressions have the…

  • ATM Bank

    Why a Business Bank Account Is Essential

    For any business or individual, it is vital to keep on top of your finances. A solid understanding of figures, incoming capital and outgoing expenditures is the basis of day-to-day living. In the very technological age we live in, physical cash is beginning to fade out of everyday use. Banking has been around for years, however it is still the future.

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    Traffic Code

    Changes to the UK Driving Test: How Have They Been Received and How Do Other Countries Compare?

    It has now been one year since the UK driving test witnesses the biggest change in over 20 years. These historic changes saw those sitting a practical exam having to complete a range of different maneuvers, follow sat-nav directions and partake in 20 minutes of independent driving. Controversially, drivers would also have to answer a question vehicle safety while still driving.

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    Computer,  Internet,  Security

    UK Sets Up New Dedicated Cybercrime Court in City of London

    One of the biggest issues of the future will be how to deal with all the new and sophisticated dangers that come with going digital. Most of our everyday activities are increasingly conducted online – from paying your bill to getting in touch with a friend, even to grocery shopping or watching a movie. Being able to do all those things means trusting online providers with your personal data, which often includes very important data like your banking details.

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    Steps to Take When You’re a Victim of Fly Tipping

    Instances of fly tipping are seen regularly all across the UK, with many who choose to undertake this illegal practice choosing to dump their waste on farm land as opposed to getting rid of it using an authorised technique. What should you do if you find that someone has fly tipped on your site? Defining fly-tipping When you illegally dump rubbish or large items on land that is not licensed to receive it, you will be fly-tipping. There are many items which can be defined under the banner of fly-tipping, including a bin bag filled with rubbish, tyres, waste which has come from construction activities, mattresses, beds and garden waste.…

  • Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston State Hospital. Photo by Tim Kiser. License: CC BY-SA 2.5.

    The Most Haunted Places on Earth

    There are lots of mysteries going on in the world and there are also lots of mysterious places that the majority would love to avoid by all means. From cemeteries to Victorian witchcraft, it is true that the world is full of weird things and weird places and if you are an avid traveler who loves visiting new places, then I guess there are certain places you would not plan visiting, not unless you are a ghost chaser.

  • Gin Alcohol

    The History of Gin

    Gin has become one of the most popular spirits of today, often mixed with tonic. However, it’s actually been around for quite some time, with confirmed roots dating back to the 17th century. If you’re interested to learn a little more about your favourite spirit, below you’ll discover a brief history of gin. Where it all started The confirmed production date of gin was reportedly in the 17th century. The spirit is said to have started out in Holland, where it was actually used as a medicine to treat gallstones, stomach complaints and gout. However, some argue that it dates even further back in time and was originally produced in…