• Bored Kid

    Mom, I’m Bored: Entertainment for a New Generation

    Almost every child has heard their parent say how much better everything was in their day. And almost every parent feels afraid because they don’t understand their children’s generation and they truly feel that things were easier and safer in their day. We have gone from children being able to play safely in the park with their friends to parents who have become afraid of their children being abducted; a very real fear. We have gone from children and teens socializing with one another to children and teens socializing on a screen, through social media. Gone are the days when children and teenagers were entertained through books; the rising epidemic…

  • Necklace Woman Tribal Jewelry
    General Fashion

    How to Benefit from Tribal Jewelry

    At the first mention of the tribal jewelry, the first thing that gets in most people’s mind is tribalism. This is, however, a misconception. The use of the word tribal or ethnic is simply used to show which tribal is associated with something. The ethnic jewelry has absolutely nothing to do with tribalism. They are an old fashion trend that is gaining popularity across the global at an exceedingly high speed.