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    Ten Most Common Computer Problems and Their Solutions

    When experiencing computer issues, you don't have to get professional help right away. The solution could be simple enough for you to fix it by yourself. Below are the ten most common computer problems I've encountered as well as their solutions. Try them and you'll not only potentially save some money, buy you may also learn something new and expand your technical skills.

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    How to Deliver Modern Customer Experience with Chatbots?

    Today, customers interact with brands in more ways than ever, across unique channels, devices, and time zones. While technology and automation have obviously taken businesses to the next level and made the modern customer experience much noisier. Multiple customer interactions happen 24×7, and many fly below the radar. Bain & Company survey found out that 80% of businesses had delivered “superior customer experience.” In this age of hyper connectivity, brands can engage their customers in more innovative ways to go beyond their expectations and deliver great customer experience. Here are 6 different ways to deliver a modern customer experience. 1. Use Automation “Chatbots are making their way into the landscape…

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    What Should You Do as a Business for IT Struggles?

    Starting a business is everyone else’s dream. This is usually because the world’s richest men and women are never employed folk. They are in business, solving problems and getting paid for that. However, when your business develops IT problems or continues with unresolved problems, it becomes more of a flat tire that slows you down and you will never get anywhere with it. At one point, you will either to decide whether to prosper the business by solving these problems or drown into losses and oblivion. These are some of the most common IT problems businesses face and suggested solutions on how them. Cyber-security Cyber-security is a major concern for…

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    Building a Computer vs Buying One… Which Way to Go?

    A few decades ago, computers were seen as the most sophisticated things existing, to most of us who are not tech savvy. However, in the modern day, most people own or use a computer, and this has helped many to understand their computers better. Unfortunately, this understanding is mostly limited to the operations of the computer as most people can’t be able to identify anything once their machine is opened. This lack of knowledge of the inner part of a computer has made building one seem like a massive task that most would shy away from. Not everyone is afraid of tackling the challenge of building a computer, and it…

  • Internet

    Increase Mozilla Firefox Browsing and Startup Speed

    People using the browser Firefox are often seen perturbed owing to its slow speed but do not have any idea regarding fixing this problem. Mozilla Firefox often loses speed after a passage of certain time. This therefore brings in the inconvenience and makes your day to day web browsing activities very boring and frustrating. If you are among such users then make sure you could find several ways to boost up the speed of your Firebox browser. You will find three different ways to boost up your Mozilla Firefox browsing and startup speed, which is certainly not rocket science; hence you could easily do it on your own. So, let’s…

  • Software

    ICU – A New Way of Restoring Desktop Icon Layout

    Suppose you have categorized the desktop icons according to your desire and the very next time you start up the Windows, you only find that the icons have been arranged differently. Doesn't it happen all time? Windows keeps on re-arranging the desktop icons every time it is started. This can happen, if you add some new icons to your desktop or install some new software and so on. You might be bored of arranging and re-arranging your desktop icons time and again.

  • Computer Memory

    How to Run A Memory Test

    There are a number of sites on the web which were created to assist computer users in running memory tests and debugging memory problems with their personal computers. They will help you to automatically complete these tests, but if you must do them manually, here are some tips.

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    Five Modern Day Overreactions

    The availability and speed at which we can get almost anything in the modern world is amazing, but it comes with dramatic overreactions to small failures every day. This article will consider five of the most common modern day overreactions and will provide some simple solutions to prevent their doom.