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    Personal Touch – 5 Secrets to Creating Lasting Business Relationships

    Lasting business relationships are necessary if you want to succeed. You want to be the first person your colleagues think of when they need the job done. But how do you build a business relationship that can stand the test of time? With these five, simple steps you’ll find it’s easier than you thought. Remember Birthdays Remembering someone’s birthday is an effective way to show that you acknowledge him or her. By doing this, your colleague won’t feel like a face among many but like an individual who is an asset to the group. It also shows you care about them because you’re capable of remembering personal details. Consider purchasing…

  • Success Employees

    4 Non-Financial Benefits to Lure the Best Workers to Your Business

    As we all know, we are in the age of the start-up. Even though the economy may have been a little shaky over recent times, this seems to have propelled a lot of entrepreneurs who have started their own enterprise and ultimately prospered. There’s just one problem with a lot of these young and ambitious companies; they don’t tend to be awash with cash. It means that even if they do attract very good workers, the chances of retaining them can be tricky. Or, they might not attract them at all. This is where you have got to think outside the box. Let’s take a look at some of the…

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    Strengthen Your Working Relationships with Escape Room Team Building Activities

    In the world of business, there has been an increasing popularity in team building activities. And of all the activities that most people want for the company team building, escape room take the cake. The truth is, escape rooms are one of the best activities to ensure that communication barriers between the colleagues are broken and that everyone works together as a team. Well, for years now, employers have been encouraging their employees to participate in room escapes as a fun way of breaking the office monotony. But the truth is, in addition to the fun that comes with escape room games, the activities will also be more valuable to…

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    New Skills to Learn for Your Business

    When you start to develop your own small business, there are a lot of things which you will need to be able to juggle. Starting up a business is probably one of the hardest things you will do in your life, however if you put the work into it, it can also be the most rewarding thing too. As an entrepreneur you will be responsible for building your business brick by brick from the ground up, and this will require gallons of coffee, lots of late nights and plenty of pizza. Building a business isn’t just about someone who is determined working hard and putting the hours in, you will…

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    Team Building, Motivation and Productivity: Three Areas Managers Must Improve for Business Success

    To be successful in your career, there are three key important things that must be focused on: team building, motivation and productivity. If you master these then you will have no problem in getting to where you want to be. So why are these so important? Team Building In leadership, having a cohesive team of employees has its many benefits as it can be imperative to your success. When your team work together closely, they work more effectively and get tasks and projects done quickly, so that the business remains a high competitor in their industry. Teamwork is important in any business, big or small, therefore team building activities must…

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    Effective Communication in the Workplace: 5 Ways Team Cohesion Works as a Motivator

    Most workplace teams are made up of individuals holding diverse roles, accountability and levels of authority. Chances are that you’ll spend on average 38 hours a week with your colleagues and these people take up such a substantial proportion of your time so realistically it should matter that you have the best relationship with them that you can. Here are just some of the reasons why having good relationships with colleagues will make your life more enjoyable generally and increase your own personal happiness and motivation at work. Satisfaction For most of us, going to work is not chiefly designed to be fun. Unavoidably, there will be occasions where you…

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    Team-Building Tips for Happier Employees

    Employees are what make a good company, and in order to have great employees and an even better business running, it is best that you hold regular team-building sessions so that you can improve the general work atmosphere and to increase overall efficiency. Team-building activities are meant to bring your whole company closer and to teach them a wider spectre of skills so that they can improve their work etiquette and productivity.