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    Upscaling Your E-Commerce Business

    There are currently between 12-24 million e-commerce sites currently live across the world. Despite that enormous number, new online shops are being created every day. If you’ve already set up your e-commerce site and you’re familiar with inbound marketing, SEO, and sales funnels, it’s still important to think about what’s next. Maybe your business has been up and running for years, but now that the market is getting so competitive, you know you need to do more to stay relevant. Think about what your original business and marketing plans looked like. Chances are, they included ideas on how to grow and find success while reaching new audiences all the time.…

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    3 Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Essential to a Business

    Are you already gathering feedback from your customers in some form or other? Every business should be collecting customer feedback – and if yours isn’t, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity. To put it simply, customer feedback is not only useful for businesses – it is essential. In fact there are three reasons why that is the case, and knowing them could help you understand the role that the feedback you collect can play: Helps identify areas of improvement for products or services To be completely honest there is no one better equipped to identify areas of improvement for products or services than your customers. Because they have…

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    Press Release for Social Media: The Golden Rules

    Press release has been there for as long as I can remember. However, getting the social media community interested in press releases has been quite a hurdle, I must admit. For some entrepreneurs, you might be tempted to think that social media users aren’t interested hearing about your company through press releases. You are wrong. The truth is, these people simply hate the way you are telling the entire story. A good tale narrated the wrong way is as bad as any other boring story. You might have succeeded with press release elsewhere but that doesn’t mean you are just about to make a huge catch on social media. Normal…

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    Choose The Best SEO Keywords With These Expert Tips

    In this day and age, when someone wants to purchase a product or service their first instinct is to go online. They type particular keywords into a search engine to find what they desire. Often they won’t look further than the first two pages of results. So it’s crucial that your company appears on one of these pages to ensure you get found by your target market. To do this, you need to determine which keywords you need to use to optimize your business website’s ranking. But where do you start? Use these expert tips to find the most effective keywords for your marketing campaign. Think like a consumer To…

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    Winning New Customers For Beginners

    Before we get started, let’s get one thing straight: the customer is the most important person to your business. If you cannot win your fair share, then the company will be set for failure. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your products, this is the harsh reality that surrounds your ventures. This shouldn’t incite fear. Instead, it should help you get your priorities in order. There are many different aspects that contribute to the overall success of your business. However, success in this particular field will give you far greater chances of success. Even if you’re taking your first steps into the world of business, these tips will help you cover…

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    Top Things To Consider When Planning A Business Marketing Strategy

    If you have a business, you’ll understand the importance of marketing. You have to promote your business if you want to have customers. Here are the top things to consider when planning your marketing strategy: Target Market The first thing you have to think about is your target market. Who are the people most likely to want a piece of your business? Normally, you can decide this based on what your business does. Look at the products and services you offer, and think who they appeal to the most. Once you’ve got your target market, you should focus all your attention on them. Your marketing strategy should aim to promote…