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    7 Reasons To Go In For Sport After 50

    Many people think that you don’t need to go in for sports after 50. Age already takes its own and in fact, nothing can be changed. However, experts strongly recommend visiting the gym regularly at a mature age. Why is sport good after 50 years? What is the right thing to do if you have never been to the gym? And how do you get the most out of your training? What happens to your body after 50 years of age? It was a feat to live to be 50 years old some 200 years ago. At that age, a man was considered a decrepit old man. Now the situation…

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    What Are Some Good Exercises to Do in the Swimming Pool?

    A dip in the cool waters of the swimming pool is on the must-do list of most of us. We know you would rather swim in the pool than do any other workout. But do you know you can enhance your workout efforts several notches higher if you workout against the resistance of water? Yeah, that’s right, try the effective swimming pool workouts to lose body fat and watch the pounds just melt away. And working out in the water is so much fun and yes, less exhausting too! It suits most age-groups and tailor-made for people suffering from specific conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Also, it is great…

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    Selecting Perfectly Fitting Athlete Swimwear for Various Body Shapes

    Many of you may be thinking that is will be easier to choose swimwear or beachwear to fit your athletic body shape, but it is not always so. It may be true in case of selecting the outerwear as there are standard fits for different body sizes and you do not find many problems with it. These are in fact meant to be on the show and not necessarily meant to compliment to your body shape. Swimwear, however, is different. Whether it is for athletic training or a casual beach holiday, the key to choosing the right swimsuit lies is to understand the verities out there to fit each body…