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    Understanding Warehouse Backflushing

    Backflushing is a term which is usually used in correlation with a manufacturing process. It is the act of reversing the flow of a liquid in a process to clean out the pipes and filtering system. Given this explanation, it is understandable that the idea of backflushing a warehouse is often viewed with bewilderment and confusion. This is merely a result, however, of bad terminology for a very simple process.

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    Upscaling Your E-Commerce Business

    There are currently between 12-24 million e-commerce sites currently live across the world. Despite that enormous number, new online shops are being created every day. If you’ve already set up your e-commerce site and you’re familiar with inbound marketing, SEO, and sales funnels, it’s still important to think about what’s next. Maybe your business has been up and running for years, but now that the market is getting so competitive, you know you need to do more to stay relevant. Think about what your original business and marketing plans looked like. Chances are, they included ideas on how to grow and find success while reaching new audiences all the time.…

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    Here’s How You Could Improve Your Supply Chain Management

    If there is one thing that always rings true in business, it is that supply chains always need a lot of careful management and supervision. Thankfully, though, these days there are now lots of computer programs and software that can help you keep a watchful eye over yours. But do you think that your supply chain could benefit from some more careful management? Here are some handy ways you can further improve your supply chain management. Get The Right Training Are you sure that you fully understand and know enough about supply chains to effectively manage yours? If not, then you might want to take a master supply chain management…

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    How to Reduce Your Shipping Costs With Fulfilment Services

    If you want to reduce your shipping costs using a fulfilment services partner, then look for an independent one. Independent fulfilment services have access to all the courier and freight companies – from the big to the small, specialty ones. They can provide the widest choice for any given delivery requirement – and of course more choice is equivalent to a better chance of finding the costs you need. Commonly, shipping costs are reduced by adding time to the transfer or sharing pallets and loads with other customers. If your fulfilment services partner is tied to a specific corner of the industry though, associated only with one of the big…

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    Offer Your Customers a Show to Increase Sales

    Think about how your company manages its supply chain. Think about your company’s manufacturing excellence, your engineering and design strengths, your efficiencies in operations, your strict adherence to providing high quality finished goods, your customer focused sales team and finally, your tireless pursuit of providing excellent aftersales service and support. Each area defines your value and it’s this value that is best described through your marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, marketing alone can only do so much. Marketing can’t completely define your company’s value the way you, your employees and your management team see them. So what’s the solution? Well, it starts by showing your customers your value in a way that…