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    Higher Education

    How to Graduate with Cords

    A graduation is a special time, one characterized by achievement and the accomplishment of long-term goals. To represent these achievements, many college graduates wear colored cords along with their traditional robes, caps, and stoles. What are these cords, and how can a student graduate with one?

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    General Education

    8 Reasons Why Education Is the Key to Success

    Education is so integral to how society functions, and how you live your life. This is for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that education is the key to all future success, and in most cases the more you learn and know, the more successful you will be. Why is this, and what is it about learning that makes you more likely to be successful in whatever endeavor you decide to move onto? Read on to find out more.

  • Board Student
    General Education

    7 Reasons Why Teachers’ Aides Are Invaluable

    Most teachers consider their aide a lifeline. They are a great resource and the attention they give the students is key to ensuring that their potential is unlocked. There are children who do well with little help, but then there are those who need the understanding and patience of a fully trained, talented and experienced teacher’s aide.

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    Secondary Education

    Making Your Final Year of High School More Productive: Plan to Excel

    The last year of high school is your chance to do your very best and get into a good college - that is what everybody say, in any way. The truth is, there are a lot of other things on your mind than working towards good grades; you have campuses to visit, colleges to see, and extracurricular activities to maintain. Kickstart your final years with these ideas on how to make the most out of your last year - you’ll breathe a bit easier, too.

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    General Education

    Why You Should Start Believing in Yourself

    One common quality among all successful people is that they believe in themselves. They believe that they can achieve their dreams and thus work accordingly for them. They do not let small failures get in the way and remind themselves that they can do it, even though that seems to be the last thing possible at that time. Luck, money, contacts, background: yes, all these do play a role in the success of people, but these would not be of any use till you believe in yourself.

  • Contractors

    Defining Success In Small Business

    Contractors. Photo by USACE. Not all businesses are meant to grow exponentially ending up in an IPO or something even larger. Some businesses; in fact most of them today, are meant to be lifestyle businesses. These are small businesses that help the owner pay their monthly bills but are not meant to sap the living energy out of their souls as they work relentlessly to grow it into an international corporation. Given this reality, how do you define success? I know a watch maker in my neighborhood – given the rise of smartphones and smart watches, his business is dwindling. But the old man doesn’t stop and keeps making them…