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    5 Top Swing Trade Strategies

    Some investors don’t want to subject themselves to the volatility of intraday trading but want to still take advantage of short-term price movements. Such investors would benefit from swing trading where they can hold an instrument for a day or a few weeks. With this kind of investment, you take smaller gains, cut losses quicker, and hold stocks for shorter time frames. For swing trading to work for you, you use technical analysis to get a picture of the trends in the market. When you dive into swing trading, there are strategies that can increase your success rates. From our expert view, we’ve highlighted simple but effective swing trading strategies…

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    Evolution of Perception Regarding Investments

    Two decades or so ago, the term investment was used very rarely in an average Indian household. Today, things are rapidly changing. Traditionally, Indians have been very risk averse. They’ve always been very careful while investing their money in ventures that do not guarantee returns and avoid taking any kind of risks with their hard-earned money. A surprising number of Indians brush off investments as a form of ‘white-collar gambling’. Indians are skeptical This lack of awareness has created a block in the minds of Indians, making them hesitant to invest in any asset. This is especially true for the previous generation. Most Indians think mutual funds and stocks require…

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    7 Reasons Why You Should Take Risks While Investing in the Stock Market

    How many times have you heard your parents and teachers say “today’s pain, tomorrow’s gain”? Well, it must have been at least a hundred times since the no-pain-no-gain ideology has been around for centuries. It is no surprise that stock market investors and traders have picked up the phrase. Investing comes with its share of pain, but being smart about choosing the stocks at the right time can give you quite a bit of gain. That brings us to the next question – is the pain of investment always worth it? There is a strong mutual relationship between risk and reward in any share market, but exactly how much risk…

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    Keeping On Top Of Things In Business!

    Ever seen a well-dressed person on public transport thumbing through a broadsheet newspaper on a morning commute? Usually, they aren’t doing this just to rid the boredom of the train ride – they are doing it to keep on top of the important things – the things that might matter to their job. Business is a world that seems to run on a different clock than the rest of the world, but if you can’t keep on top of the things that matter, your business could fall apart at the seams. A good way to examine how to keep on top of things is to look at the profession of…

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    Why has the FTSE 100 Just Had its Best Week Since July, and What Does This Mean for the Economy?

    They say that extreme conditions serve as a breeding ground for extremist actions and outlooks, and this is a rule that applies in almost every walk of life. Take the financial marketplace, for example, which has enjoyed unprecedented levels of volatility in 2016 amid seismic political shifts, geopolitical uncertainty and the relentless rise of nationalism across the globe.

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    5 Solid Investment Books for Beginners

    The most important thing an investor has to do is to learn about the markets. Knowledge is the fundamental key to smart investing. Reading investment books, digesting their lessons, and then applying them is how all good investors get their start. But with so many books on the market, where do you begin? We looked at investment information websites like Investopedia and Forbes among others for their recommendations and boiled them down to the essentials for beginner investors. Here are our recommendations to get your investment education off to a good start. Market Psychology: A Random Walk Down Wall Street and Irrational Exuberance Time writer Pat Regnier wrote a very…

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    Should Your Business Buy Shares In Other Companies?

    Running a business can often be a complicated affair. There are many facets to a company that you have to manage on a daily basis. From human resources to sales, there's a lot to deal with each day. At the same time, you also need to ensure that your business grows. The last thing you want to happen is for your organisation to make a loss! You will no doubt have a range of marketing strategies to help you grow your business.

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    Key Things to Do Before Making an Investment Decision

    Before you make any investment decision, there are a number of things you need to do. Your money isn't something that you can play with without any consequences. If you want to practice first, you can use investment simulators for a risk-free experience. When you're ready to spend your money, make sure you're doing it responsibly.

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    Tips for Effective Investments

    To succeed in the world of investment, one should have the right list of financial strategies to give high consideration. This is applicable for all, especially those who are new to the financial industry. Money is often termed as an important aspect of life and the investments we do today can turn into huge wealth in the future.