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    How Iceland is Closing the Gender Pay Gap

    A law took effect in Iceland on January 1, 2018, mandating women and men receive equal pay for equal work in business concerns employing more than 25 people. Of course, Iceland has long been recognized as a world leader in gender equality. Women must hold nearly half the Icelandic corporate board seats by law. Moreover, women hold some 41.5 percent of the island nation’s managerial positions.

  • Startup Business

    Are You the Captain of Your Destiny?

    Owning a business can be both rewarding and risky. It is the dream of every entrepreneur to call the shots and control their destiny. It is rather interesting to note that small businesses are a much larger contributor to adding new jobs in the industry than the large honchos and so it is the small guys that power our economy. What is a small business? Small businesses are those that have fewer than 500 employs although most of them reach nowhere near that figure and usually have 200 employs (full and part-time). They vary in their sizes and capacity for growth. From a small bakery shop to a unicorn, from…

  • Oil Rig

    The Top 5 Reasons to Track Oil Production Reports

    Oil fields operate in a complex market. This market changes instantaneously in response to global events, new technology, or a shift in the government’s policy on energy. Oil production reports help you monitor the impact of these changes on the supply side of the oil market. More specifically, you will take note of output levels, imports, exports, inventories, and movements among other things. Doing so is critical for various reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons to track oil production reports. 1. Providing Clarity on Market Conditions Sometimes, the oil market is awash with rumors and endless speculations. Experts in the industry may give varying opinions as well especially when…