• SSL Website Globe Lock

    Why an SSL Certificate Is Important for Your Company Website

    Is the website secure? That’s the main thing customers are looking for in your website. As Internet is advancing by leaps and bounds, hackers are getting more and more sophisticated. To ensure the integrity and safety of your business information as well as personal details of the website visitors or customers and stay protected from these cyber criminals, it is of paramount importance to get an SSL Certificate installed.

  • Online Shopping Cart

    What is Penetration Testing and How Does it Help Ecommerce Sites?

    In this day and age, pretty much every self-respecting business will have at least a minimal online shopping service. As traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ stores are gradually being shunned in favour of buying goods online, retailers large and small should consider taking every precaution to protect themselves and their customers. Much like they would with a physical store, basically.