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    How Big of a Threat is Cyber Crime?

    When the two words 'crime' and 'technology' are brought up in conversation cybercrime is usually not the thing that comes first to the minds of most people. Rather, many tend to think of crime-solving technology such as DNA analysis and fingerprinting used in solving cases on popular TV murder mysteries and dramas.

  • Telecom Cables

    Where in the World is the Fastest Internet?

    The U.S. might be technologically advanced in some respects, but they're not doing too well when it comes to broadband Internet speeds. According to The Register, the U.S. is ranked ninth in the world. That's a pretty good improvement over the last time speeds were checked, with a 27 percent increase overall. However, it still lags behind for a so-called tech giant.

  • 4K TV

    4K TV: The Next Step In Ultra High-Definition TV

    It’s been a long time since anyone’s fastened a wire coat hanger to a TV antenna in hopes of getting better reception. Now we watch pretty much whatever we want at any time we want, and the picture quality is so clear it’s like looking out a window. But TV manufacturers aren’t finished making improvements. The latest innovation comes in the form of “4K” TVs—TVs with ultra high-definition displays. This is the clearest, sharpest way to watch TV yet. What is a 4K Television? A 4K television refers to the latest advances in clarity and picture quality. According to TechRadar, the resolution of the 4K television is 4096 X 2160,…