• Social Media

    3 Tips for Boosting Your Social Media Presence

    Social media marketing is a practice we either feel incredibly confident doing or completely lost trying to navigate. While most of us can say we have some grasp on it, the actual best practices for boosting and propelling our brand on social media can be a tall task, and even the best marketers are endlessly still trying to keep their edge. Here are some of the best ways to refine your social media marketing strategy to increase your audience and sales. Focus On Images Perhaps one of the best tools you can use on social media is quality images and graphics. While an obvious tactic for visual platforms such as…

  • Online Marketing Tablet

    Pieces of Wisdom from “The Princess Bride” for your Online Marketing Campaign

    Even though it would seem that the highly volatile and fast-paced world of online marketing and a whimsical, medieval tale of true love and high adventure would have little in common, looks can be deceiving. For most things in life, a close look at the classic film The Princess Bride will inevitably bring out valuable wisdom that is true from Texas to Tacoma, from Florida to Fresno.