• Colorado Mountains

    Why You Should Holiday in Colorado

    Colorado is a very popular holiday destination and it has been for many years. If you’re thinking of going somewhere special this year you need to check out Colorado vacation villas from luxury retreats. But why should you go to Colorado and what’s so great about it? Read on for more information!

  • Stay Warm Look Good Packing For Winter Travel In Europe

    Stay Warm, Look Good: Packing for Winter Travel in Europe

    Packing for a European winter trip is almost an art form. You have to pack enough clothes to stay warm, look as best as you can and still keep things light. Needless to say, that sounds almost impossible. However, the key word here is ALMOST. In order to help you pack in one bag, keep warm once you arrive and look good while you’re doing it, here’s a short fail-proof list of items you need to bring on your next trip. Without further ado, let’s start our list:

  • British Columbia Whistler Ski

    Skiing – Is it Worth the Risk

    Our family loves the winters and snow especially. We have been planning a ski holiday for a while now, but due to some reason or the other it was always getting postponed. This year the wife and the kids were particular that we go for a ski holiday and hence began the search for the right ski destination. After going through innumerable articles and reviews on websites we shortlisted two destinations. One was Courchevel in France and St. Anton in Austria. After a lot of deliberation we finally zeroed in on Courchevel. The first thing I did was rent Courchevel apartment because it is a very popular destination and I…

  • Courchevel France

    Courchevel 1850: Where the Party Begins!

    Besides a glass of cold champagne and the thrill of skiing some 1800 meters down the slopes, one can also enjoy great fun and all-night-through parties at Courchevel 1850. Although not widely known for its party hot spots, the popular ski resort in the French Alps offers a wide array of options to choose from and have a blast, both in the city and, of course, the mountains and some well-earned apres-ski drinks with family members, friends or your other half.

  • British Columbia Whistler Ski

    Take to the Skies and Hit the Slopes

    If you are looking for a completely personalized winter getaway that's full of adventure, then look no further. Heli skiing is just the activity to help you escape from the city and go somewhere different. It involves a helicopter ride to a drop off point far from the crowds and resorts, ideal for lovers of untouched powder. Helicopters put remote terrains in your reach. Some companies offer two to ten-day fun-filled getaway packages.

  • Horseback Riding

    Colorado: An Adventurer’s Paradise

    Colorado is a standout American state. Centred on the urban area of Denver, the great state of Colorado plays host to some of the wildest landscapes in the Union. As a result, the state is an adventurer's paradise. In this state, you can pursue practically any outdoor activity you can dream of.

  • Winter Log Cabin
    General Travel

    Enjoy Luxury on a Log Cabin Holiday

    When people are hastily circling locations on a map in search of their next holiday destination; it's often the same usual suspects. The selection process has become a little bit too by the numbers for my liking. For many people, vacations are all about sun, sand and sangria. But it doesn't have to be that way.

  • Thredbo Ski Resort, Australia, NSW. Photo by Enoch Lau. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

    Skiing Australia’s High Country

    While the Land Down Under is best known for its beaches, surfing, scuba diving and warm temperatures, the high country of Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales does catch a fair amount of snow. The Australia skiing season typically begins in June, with the higher elevations celebrating the beginning of the ski season with their first snowfall.

  • Puerto Princesa Underground River
    General Travel

    7 Undiscovered Gems of the World to Add to Your Bucket List

    Increasingly affordable travel has made the world more accessible. Adventurous individuals now eschew travel agent services to plan their own epic adventures around the globe taking in the sights, sound and smells of exotic places, hoping to experience a holiday with a difference. The problem is many venture to the same perennially popular hotspots, which have long since lost their charm owing to over exploitation.

  • Asia-Pacific

    Top 5 Destinations for Adventure Seekers in India

    If an exhausting and back breaking work schedule is depriving you to enjoy a fun-filled time, then it is a time to break the monotony of work and plan an adventure holiday. You can plan the vacations at any time of the year and bring back some lost excitement into your life. There is no dearth of adventure places in India that will give you an adrenaline rush.

  • Europe

    The Most Expensive Real Estate Market in Italy

    Home to two of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, Italy is a jet set destination for many of the world's elite. Edging out Portofino, Cortina d'Ampezzo is an Alpine retreat that lays claim to being the most expensive real estate market in Italy. This northern Italian hamlet is a popular destination for the wealthy, who love the area's charm, exclusivity, and world-class skiing.