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    How Retailers Are Offering a More Personalised Shopping Experience

    Over the past decade, shoppers have been abandoning the in-store experience in favor of online shopping. In order to boost offline appeal and regain customers, marketing strategies must focus on adapting to the changes, rather than fighting against them. So, how do retailers increase their customer retention by offering a more personalized shopping experience? In-store technology The travel sector has faced significant difficulties due to the rise of online travel agents. With companies such as Airbnb and a plethora of agents taking their businesses online, physical travel agents have had to think of innovative ways to retain the holiday booking experience as an offline task. Virgin Holidays have taken this…

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    Probing into the Pros and Cons of Different Types of Shopping Bags

    In this modern business world when everything is customized for specific reasons using customized bags is quite a natural and sensible move. The question is which material you should use to make your customized bags. Well, knowing about the different types of materials as well as probing into the pros and cons of each will help you a lot in making an educated and informed decision. Conscientious About Carbon Footprint Modern consumers as well as businesses are now more conscientious about their carbon footprints and impacts on the planet and its species. Awareness has heightened and people are looking for most environmentally friendly and safe ways. Even governments are strict…

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    8 Easy & Inexpensive Tips To Go Green

    Are you thinking about going green, but you’re worried about your budget? Thankfully, going green is easier and more affordable than it ever has been in the past. Here’s a quick look at 8 different tips that you can use to go green in an affordable fashion. 1. Set Your Thermostat Properly If no one is home, don’t heat or cool an empty house! Many of us have smart thermostats nowadays, so consider setting it to 68 for heat when the house is empty, and 72 for cooling. Every degree makes a big difference when it comes to saving money and energy! 2. Get Cloth or Canvas Bags for Shopping…

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    The Cost of Building a WooCommerce Site: A Detailed Breakdown of the Fundamental Costs and More

    Setting up a WooCommerce site may not be as difficult as your peers will have you believe. In fact, every e-commerce site owner needs to consider opting for WooCommerce at least once before kick-starting their online business. While, the basics like finding a reliable hosting company is the same for all e-commerce sites, there are a few differences that make setting up WooCommerce a lot easier and cheaper.

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    Mother’s Day Gifts by Age

    The different stages of motherhood come with different challenges and paces of life. When you are choosing a gift for your mother, think about what stage she’s in. Does she have small children? Have all of the children left the home? Those different stages come with many different wants and needs. Moms of little ones It’s no secret that mothers of young children have it rough. Tending to the needs of a child every minute of the day can be exhausting. By dinner time she is worn out. What to make for dinner? Does she have all of the ingredients to make it? Meal prepped delivery subscriptions like HelloFresh and…

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    7 Shopify Integrations Will Help Your Business Run Much Smoother

    Running an ecommerce business is difficult as it is. Marketing the product, managing inventory, and keeping customers happy is nothing short of a juggling act. Platforms like Shopify provide the foundation for running a smooth ship, but it’s not always enough. Ecommerce business owners keen on creating a more automated and efficient business flow need solutions that have no issues integrating with ecommerce. After all, Shopify integrations can easily become the saving grace you’re looking for. The power of Shopify is already evident: major businesses like Budweiser and Tesla use the platform to inform and sell. Think of Shopify integration like an additional boost to your already existing online store.…

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    Trends Underlying the Future of Fashion E-commerce

    Like most industries functioning on the digital platform today, Fashion too will be going through a significant change, thanks to the wave of the digital revolution. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, crypto currencies, and virtual reality are bound to set the stage for this advancement to take place. Similarly, the proliferation of machine learning backed businesses will also contribute in bringing about this change that will impact both selling and buying in the future. Consumer behavior is changing rapidly At a time when consumers are more demanding than ever, retailers realize that the volatile market environment requires them to not just supply ‘goods’ in response to the demand to be…