• US Coast Guard Boat

    Boat Security Tips – Use Boat Alarm Motion Detectors to Stay Safe

    Sailing on the water, catching fish on a leisure day sounds too interesting and exactly the opposite if your boat gets stolen. To protect your vessel from any act of theft or so, the main thing to consider is that a thief will search for a simple chance to trick you. Help anticipate robbery by recalling time, clutter, and visibility. The more you can do to expand the time it takes to take your vessel, the happier you’ll be. Each measure you take toward robbery awareness should make commotion to ward off the thief and your vessel need to be obvious, making it hard to take. From using dependable boat…

  • Businessman holding mobile phone
    Business Tools

    How to Connect Your Mobile Lifestyle With the Rest of Your World

    Worldwide use of mobile devices is on the rise. During the second quarter of 2013, 432 million phones were delivered to eager customers across the globe, the International Data Corporation reported. For that same period one year ago, that number sat at (a still-impressive) 400 million. According to the security company Sophos, the average American carries around three mobile devices. Sure, some of these pieces of equipment are connected to other pieces of equipment (we’ll talk about tethering shortly), but most of the devices are being used wirelessly. E-book readers, smartphones, tablets, laptops—they’re all accessing the Internet with no cord. However, it’s not just the Internet people are accessing while…