• Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston State Hospital. Photo by Tim Kiser. License: CC BY-SA 2.5.

    The Most Haunted Places on Earth

    There are lots of mysteries going on in the world and there are also lots of mysterious places that the majority would love to avoid by all means. From cemeteries to Victorian witchcraft, it is true that the world is full of weird things and weird places and if you are an avid traveler who loves visiting new places, then I guess there are certain places you would not plan visiting, not unless you are a ghost chaser.

  • Isle Of Skye

    Top 5 Best Countries for Hiking with your Family & Friends

    There’s nothing like hiking with a big group of all your family and close friends because you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun. But choosing the right location isn’t easy; you’ll need to consider accommodation as well as finding the best trails depending on your fitness level. And that’s why we’re here for, to help you with five terrific locations that are great for hiking with your whole clan.

  • Golf Course

    Booking Your Dream Golfing Getaway Just Became Easier

    Whether you are a golf enthusiast or you are just learning the ropes, a golfing getaway will increase your love for the game. The incredible health benefits associated with golf have seen this emerge as one of the most popular lifestyle sports. A round of golf leaves you feeling energized and you get a chance to make friends. Well, you can now up the game and plan a trip around the game. Golfing getaways are now a popular addition to other travel plans and you have a chance to enjoy some of the amazing destinations as you enjoy playing. You can now book a golfing holiday package to the best…

  • Scotland, view of Lochness and Urquhart castle during a stormy day. Photo by Moyan Brenn.

    UK Tourism: Scotland Travel Down by 29%

    After the recent vote on Scottish independence, tourism in the country is suffering. Tourism is down by almost a third. Experts thought that an independent vote would mean the death of Scottish tourism. It appears that that is not the case. Even with the country remaining in the UK, it seems that people are not visiting Scotland. This fact spells bad things for the Scottish economy. Tourism helps to boost the economy in the country each year.