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    The Best Guide to Scholarships for Veterans

    Members of the military serve this country day and night. They go out of their way to keep us safe and sometimes risk their lives while doing so. We owe a great deal to our veterans who have helped keep this country and our children safe. Some military personnel never get to complete their education the way they want to, and in these times, higher education has become vital, especially for those seeking employment opportunities. The transition from military to post-military life is always hard as it is but, in order to make it a little easy and to thank them for their services so they may live a better…

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    Earn a Top 10 U.S. Degree in China

    Duke Kunshan University is the first Sino American university partnership involving a top 10 ranked U.S. university. The product of a partnership between the prestigious Duke University and China’s renowned Wuhan University, our mission is to create a world-class university in China that offers a wide range of academic programs for students from around the world.

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    Veteran Dependents To Receive Student Loans And Scholarships

    Dependents of veterans will be eligible to receive student loans and college scholarships from a number of veteran’s organizations. Many of these scholarship programs will extend free education worth thousands of dollars. One notable program offered up college scholarships as prizes for an essay writing contest. Students in their senior year of high school were asked to enter, writing pieces centred around the principles of democracy. The first-place winner stands to gain a college scholarship worth $30,000. At a time when higher education costs so much, these scholarships can make a profound difference on the lives of countless students. While undergraduate scholarships for veterans and similar programs have been around…

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    10 Secret Tips to Enhance Your College GPA and Become Successful in Life

    Are you a college student who is desperately striving to make a big difference in your college grades this year? You can't deny the fact that grades are definitely a measure of success that you achieve in college. Just like the price of a stock or the batting average in cricket or your salary at a job, your average grade point is a numerical indication of how good you're doing in college.