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    4 Email Scams to Watch Out for

    Nowadays scams and cons come in all shapes and forms. Most of you will know that emails are no safe haven, and you need to remain quite vigilant when reading yours. This article will take you through a handful of popular email scams in hope that you won’t be caught out in the future. 419 – The Nigerian Scam Thousands of Britons will have received the ‘419’ or ‘Nigerian Prince’ scam. Most of you will have ignored it, but it only takes a few people who may not be as tech-savvy or knowledgeable to fall for the desperate (but fake) cry for help from a member of the Nigerian royal…

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    7 Signs of Identity Theft to Watch out for While Traveling

    You should always be constantly on guard against identity theft, but even more so when traveling. It does not matter whether you’re just going on a road trip with friends across the state, or flying to a foreign country on important business; you run a higher risk of becoming a victim of identity theft while traveling versus when staying at home. There are so many things that could go wrong during a trip, and so many of them can play a role in making you another ID theft victim. The best plan is to be aware of the nefarious ways that identity thieves and schemers use, so that you can…