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    Biggest Budgeting Blunders You Keep Making

    Budgeting is the number one requirement for proper financial management. It’s the tool that determines whether you have enough money put away in your rainy-day fund or not. Your budget is the one tool that determines your ability to pay all your bills on time, and whether you’re naturally frugal or you tend to blow your income as soon as money gets in, you must have a budget. Billionaires have budgets, and governments rely on budgets too. But as you try to stick to that budget, are there budgeting flubs you make? Do you always find yourself going over budget? Well, to make sure that this financial tool works well…

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    4 Green Technologies Shaping the Future

    When you plan to fix up your home, you may be overwhelmed when you think about where you can invest your time and money. When your HVAC system unexpectedly breaks down, for example, you are going to service it quickly, but what about long-term improvements to help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

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    Planning Ahead – 5 Tips to Help You Create a Financially Secure Retirement

    Most people imagine retirement will be an endless holiday, filled with visits to see friends and family, overseas holidays, and leisurely games of golf. However, many have little to no savings and no plan to build a retirement nest egg that will allow them to make this dream a reality. With life expectancy higher than ever, most Americans should have two decades to enjoy life without work. This means it’s worth starting your retirement fund planning now so you can comfortably achieve all the goals you have in mind. Here are five tips to get you started. Consider a Self-Managed Super Fund Switching over to a self-managed super fund (SMSF)…

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    What to Look for While Choosing a Fleet Fuel Card?

    According to professionals, most of the multinational companies are using the commercial fuel cards that will automatically reduce the overall expenditure that is associated with per price gallon. No doubt, fuel has become the primary expense of the business. Most of the users are paying thousands of dollars to the employees related to fuel. Several fleet cards are available but choosing a perfect fleet card can be challenging for the newbie. As per professionals, more than 1000 fleet card companies are available in the market which is quite higher. Thousands of services providers are offering a unique acceptance option which is associated with a universal and major brand. All you…

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    Beyond Broke – 5 Simple Tips That Will Get You Through to Payday

    We’ve all been in a position where we’re counting down the days to payday. Bills seem to stack up around us, the thought of grocery shopping is a nightmare, and you seem to have a thousand social events in your calendar that are starting to make you sweat. Sound familiar? Budgeting when you’re broke seems like an impossible mountain to climb but is a necessary evil to get you through to the blessed relief of payday. These simple tips will help you to prioritize, budget and get you through to your next paycheck without sending your bank account into a massive decline in the meantime: Evaluate Your Immediate Payments Sit…