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    7 Reasons To Go In For Sport After 50

    Many people think that you don’t need to go in for sports after 50. Age already takes its own and in fact, nothing can be changed. However, experts strongly recommend visiting the gym regularly at a mature age. Why is sport good after 50 years? What is the right thing to do if you have never been to the gym? And how do you get the most out of your training? What happens to your body after 50 years of age? It was a feat to live to be 50 years old some 200 years ago. At that age, a man was considered a decrepit old man. Now the situation…

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    Health, Cardio, and BPM: How to Harness Rhythm for Fitness

    If there’s one thing you’ll find common among most gym-goers, new, seasoned, and everywhere in-between, is that a good majority pop in the headphones or pump the loudspeakers when they work out. While you might think this is happy coincidence, there’s good science to show that listening to music might improve your workout. In the case of running, you could see improvement up to 15 percent. Before you get too excited, realize that simply cranking the jams is not going to net automatic gains — there’s a science behind the madness, calculating beats per minute, heart rate, stride-length, and myriad other considerations. Jack Daniels and the 180 per Minute Rule…