• Space Age Fabric Textile
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    Exciting Future Uses of Textiles in Space

    When we think about space-age technology and exploring the Cosmos, we usually think of metals, foils and ceramics. But what about textiles? As many NASA engineers can tell you, textiles have always been an unsung hero in the world of material science. But if the future of space exploration pans out the way engineers expect, humanity's status as a spacefaring species will see the inclusion of — and even come to depend on — advanced new types of fabrics, textiles and membranes.

  • Change 4 Chinese Moon Rover
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    Why Did Lunar Outpost Design Small Rovers for the Moon?

    It's been a long time since we've sent people to the moon. The last human being set foot on our satellite in 1972 and though China has sent probes to the dark side of the Moon, no humans have visited it in decades. In spite of this, many countries are still looking up into the night sky and wonder if the moon has more to offer. One company is working on exploring that potential in the future. Why is Lunar Outpost designing small rovers for use on the moon?

  • NASA Heat Shield Technology. Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. License: CC BY 2.0.
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    NASA Called College Students to Develop an Inflatable Heat Shield

    Who is NASA going to hire to create a vital component for an upcoming Mars mission? None other than the bright minds of our future – college and university students. That's right! NASA's Game Changing Development Program gave college students the chance to come up with unique ideas to generate lift. Sure, that's a fairly simple request, but your ideas will be used on cutting-edge, amazing spacecraft.

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    Rover Spotted On The Moon

    The Russian Lunar rover Lunokhod 2 was recently spotted on the Moon’s surface. As shown in the photo below, the black arrow indicates where the tracks begin, while the white one shows the resting place of the rover. The arrows were placed by Phil Stooke, geography professor at University of Western Ontario. Richard Garriott, a successful video game developer and one of fewer than 10 private citizens to travel into space is the current owner of Lunokhod 2. He acquired it for over $68,500 when it was listed for sale in 1993 Sotheby’s auction. After seeing those findings, he mentioned plans to go see the rover from lunar orbit, or…