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    Computer,  Internet,  Security

    Fallout: The Consequences of a Data Breach

    Many organizations collect sensitive data and are responsible for appropriately protecting it. With new regulations like the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the definitions of personal data have been greatly expanded, and the financial impacts of a data breach for an organization are significant.

  • Man Suit Cofee
    General Law

    4 Things to Look for in a Lawyer

    There are all kinds of reasons why you might find yourself in need of legal representation. Whether you’re going through a divorce, got into a car accident, or you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got someone on your side who is qualified for the job. In order to find someone who is the right fit for your particular case, you should make sure that you’re looking for the right qualities. Here are some of the essential things your lawyer should have. Experience Passing the bar exam and starting their own firm isn’t enough to guarantee that a lawyer has experience. More important than an education…

  • Marker Checklist

    Features Every Business Wants To Tick Off It’s Marketing Checklist

    Marketing is one of the cornerstones of success, but only if it is successful. Substandard marketing doesn’t do anything for a business other than cost it money and sully its reputation. Now, you would think that every company in the world understands this dynamic, but you’d be surprised. You see, lots of firms publish mediocre campaigns and receive mediocre results in the process. If you don’t want your business to follow suit, it’s time to make a change. And to do that, you need to tick the following off your checklist. Get your pen ready because they are going to come thick and fast. Analysis Of Past Results The only…

  • Bankruptcy
    Corporate Law

    Seven Qualities of the Best Bankruptcy Attorneys

    Filing for bankruptcy is mostly a voluntary decision and a lawyer only guides you by giving you a list of your best debt relief options. However, once you decide to file for bankruptcy, then you will need the best lawyer to take you through that tough financial crisis. For you to get that needed fresh start after filing the bankruptcy petition, you will need a good lawyer by your side. This lawyer possesses the following qualities: 1. Highly experienced An experienced lawyer should have actively and successfully practiced bankruptcy law for some years. With the experience gained, the lawyer will understand local laws, local Atlanta court rulings on such cases,…

  • Cardboard Box
    Business Tools

    Top Reasons to Use Custom Boxes for Shipping

    With a large chunk of contemporary retailing being done online, there has been a boom in the use of boxes of various sizes and configurations to ship the products to the homes of customers. From what may have started out as an incremental and substantial cost to retailers, custom boxes have now emerged as yet another valuable opportunity in the never-ending battle for customer engagement and branding. The erstwhile plain brown cardboard box has undergone a vast transformation and is now being actively used to woo and lock in customers. A brief overview of some of the universally acknowledged benefits of custom boxes: Custom Boxes Ensure Good Packaging From being…

  • Twitter Chat
    Business Tools,  Marketing

    An Introduction to Twitter Chats

    Twitter Chats are a great way to make connections and gain influence in your field or among people with shared interests. Participants in these chats act as community members by answering each other's questions and helping solve problems. Getting started can be intimidating, but it is actually quite simple.