• Hotel Receptionists

    Hotel Waste Management

    Hotel waste management is an important aspect of running a successful and sustainable hotel business. However, it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to managing waste, which can lead to a variety of negative consequences. In this blog post, we will discuss some common mistakes made in hotel waste management and how to avoid them.

  • Shopping Bag

    Probing into the Pros and Cons of Different Types of Shopping Bags

    In this modern business world when everything is customized for specific reasons using customized bags is quite a natural and sensible move. The question is which material you should use to make your customized bags. Well, knowing about the different types of materials as well as probing into the pros and cons of each will help you a lot in making an educated and informed decision. Conscientious About Carbon Footprint Modern consumers as well as businesses are now more conscientious about their carbon footprints and impacts on the planet and its species. Awareness has heightened and people are looking for most environmentally friendly and safe ways. Even governments are strict…

  • Recycling Paper

    12 Tips To Make Your Workplace More Eco-Friendly

    If you’re like most UK residents you probably recycle your household waste but what happens when you get to the office? Do your green credentials stretch to the workplace? If you’d like to work in a greener environment there are some simple and effective changes you could implement to make your place of work, work for the environment. Approx 70% of all office waste is recyclable but typically only 7.5% of that potential recycling reaches a recycling plant. In the UK we produce roughly 200 million metric tonnes of waste a year, 24% of that being office waste, it’s a staggering statistic, but we can all play our part to…

  • Old Cell Phone

    How & Why Should We Recycle Our Old Mobile Phones

    There are over six billion mobile phones in the world today. Over 30 million new mobile phones are bought in the UK annually. However, the average lifespan of a cell phone is slightly over 18 months. This means that people purchase new mobile phones at least once every two years. The big question is; “what happens to the millions of cellphones that are disconnected each year?” Some of the mobile phones are sent to other continents such as Africa for reselling; others are donated to charities while a huge chunk of them are recycled. Companies such as Sell My Mobile buy old mobile phones such as Samsung, iPhone 6, and…

  • E-Waste

    Top 5 Ways for Recycling Your E-waste

    We’re living in the era of electronics and gadgets galore, where we don’t think twice before buying the latest and greatest technology. As our hunger for electronics and technology keeps growing, people bid goodbye to their old appliances and gadgets. Have you ever thought what happens to the old when we swap it for the new gadget? Let it be your old smartphone, iPods, microwaves or any other unused device; it makes a huge impact on the environment by introducing e-waste into it. E-waste is something that everyone has to confront in their daily life. More than just trash, this electronic waste can be an environmental and health hazard. Especially…