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    Buying Versus Building a Home

    Buying vs. building a home can feel like a very personal decision, and it’s one that requires a lot of consideration. After all, there are pros and cons to both options. Buying a home might sound easier on paper, but there are still some “fine print” rules to think about. Building your own home gives you the freedom to create your dream house, but it can take a long time and you might run into some construction headaches along the way.

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    Benefits of emerging technologies in real estate

    Real estate is widely regarded as one of the last industries to embrace technology. Realtor lock boxes that facilitated home showings were once viewed as cutting edge. Now, many homes are being purchased sight unseen, something previous generations would have regarded as ludicrous. Baby Boomers liked to kick the tires before purchasing a vehicle and some even wanted to crawl beneath a house to check for any structural issues and signs of termites before making the purchase, believing their own eyes over even a home inspector. The industry has been changing incrementally for decades. Before long, home inspections became commonplace and a certification process for inspectors was established in the…

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    Running and Defending A TOLATA Action 

    This article is all about the Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. “Trust of Land” is defined as any trust of property which consists of land. It is the act in which get rid of the doctrine of conversion it is defined as the law of real property in which the buyer of the real property begins to be the equitable owner of a title to the property when he enters or signs the contract to buy the land in a future date and the amendments can also be made in this law according to the requirements and instructions of the trustee. The main purpose of creating…

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    3 Tips For Millennial Homebuyers

    It was not so long ago that everyone was saying millennials would never buy homes. However, these homebuyers have passed both baby boomers and Gen X for the fifth year in a row. If you are are a millennial looking to buy your first home, there are three great things that you can do to ensure buying your dream house is a smooth process. These three tips should help you make this huge decision and feel more confident as a homebuyer. They are in no way an easy feat, but once you prepare yourself with these three tips, everything will feel much more manageable. Start With a Clean Slate The…

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    Top Greek Mainland Villas for Rent or Sale

    Greece-what a fine destination for your vacation. Why not extending this pleasant sense of recreation and hospitality? Well, I guess you have already answered with a “yes” to the previous question. How though could this feeling be achieved? With a walk to the local beach, a nice pool to dive in or a private chauffeur taking you everywhere? Well, good news is on the way as… you can have the chance to live your Greek myth by booking or buying a villa in Greece.

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    Cities with the Best Architecture

    You don't have to be an architect or a history buff to appreciate the beauty of America's cities. You just have to be capable of looking up and admiring the beauty. Most places have a certain look that makes them distinctive, maybe it arises from practicality or perhaps it's simply a reflection of style. So if you're looking for some design inspiration, below are 5 of our favorite destinations to take in jaw-dropping architecture.

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    How to Be Smart When Investing in a Condo

    If you’re thinking about investing in a condominium, potentially renting it out to earn some residual income and/or capitalize on appreciation rates, you’re not alone. In many cities throughout North America, condos are owned by people who don’t live in them, typically using them as traditional rentals or vacation properties. In fact, in Toronto, a recent report revealed that over a third of condos there are not owner occupied. Of course, there are many factors to consider when investing in a condo to make the smartest decision possible for your financial future. Funding Your Purchase While rent to own homes are slowly making a comeback, if you plan to purchase…

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    Best Tips to Find the House of Your Dream

    Are you looking to buy a house or an apartment? These practical tips will help you quickly find the property of your dreams. Needs and desires Before you start, take a seat and make a list of your wants and needs. Write everything that comes to your mind. It is very likely that the list changes several times as you learn more about your options. You can change according to what you think is best for you. For example, maybe you want a house that is closest to the beach, but once you know the type of housing that you offer according to your budget in that area, make it change your priorities. Is it necessary…