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    How Will the Internet of Things Change Space Exploration?

    The Internet of Things has the potential to change our world immensely. It will present new opportunities, as well as new challenges. IoT refers to the idea of connecting virtually any electronic device to the Internet and connecting them through the Internet to each other. Astronomers have also jumped in on the IoT conversation, and it turns out they have some issues with the up-and-coming network of connected devices.

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    Common Tools Used to Gather Data in Space

    As a species, we're working on expanding our horizons — literally — by making our first forays into outer space. Despite this push toward space exploration, there is still a lot about the universe around us that we don't know, and a lot that we don't even know to ask about yet. On top of that, much of the data that we could be collecting from outer space is invisible to the human eye. What tools are scientists using to gather data in space?

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    Space Technology Will Protect the Vatican’s Treasures

    New space technology isn't just for traveling into the cosmos — these innovations have applications on earth, as well. Medicine, transportation, public safety, computers and agriculture are some of the industries that have made progress by applying space technology. Also on that list: The Catholic Church. The Vatican has partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) to preserve religious and cultural manuscripts, documents and books.