• Love Reverse Text
    Graphic Art

    4 Easy Ways to Print Reverse Text

    The use of reverse text is not new. Many notable writers used this method of writing. It ages back to 17th century and even beyond. It was widely used during era of Ottoman Empire and Pre-Islamic era. Reverse text could be used for various purposes in our daily life. In this article, we will discuss multiple ways to print reverse text.

  • American Border

    Border Control Forces Receive New Technology

    Regulating the movement of people, goods, and animals across country borders is vital. As such, border control forces need the best technology. In this article, we’re exploring the latest advancements in technology that are helping in border control. A sense of space: drones and holographic printers VICE has reported that a company called Zebra Imaging, at the Tenth Annual Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas, was noted to be selling holographic printers for a cool $1 million. According to the report, these machines were already being utilized at Border Control stations in El Paso, San Diego and Tucson — having initially been sold to the US military for use…

  • Print Shop
    Business Tools

    3 Tips for Finding A Qualified Commercial Printing Shop To Work With

    If your business creates any kind of printed materials, be it a sales catalog, flyers, advertising materials or more, you likely have at least a portion of your budget allocated for printing costs. Luckily, with a little research and the right set of parameters, you can often find a commercial printing shop that will be able to fulfill all your printing needs without breaking your budget. To help your business in this area, here are three tips for finding a qualified commercial printer to work with. Use Printing Associations As A Resource For those starting from scratch with finding a commercial printer to work with, you should start by doing…

  • Print Shop

    5 Things You Must Know Before Opening a Print Shop

    Almost every business could benefit from customized banners, more targeted print advertising, and promotional products. Whether you’re talking about screen printing or digital printing, print shops offer particular services and economies of scale that other businesses need but probably don’t have the time, equipment, or expertise to do themselves. Even from the perspective of someone wanting to open a print shop independently, equipment and training can be serious impediments to getting it right. Opening a print shop from scratch entails getting your financials in order and ensuring that—if you don’t have a mountain of liquidity at your disposal—you have good enough credit to secure private loans. 1. Startup Capital Requirements…

  • 3D Printer
    Graphic Design

    Is 3D Printing The Next Big Thing?

    With technology evolving everyday something like this doesn't come as a surprise. Everyday further advances in the technological world are being made and each one surpasses the previous one. Not long from now, something will be invented that would exceed this as well. However, till that time comes, 3D printing is something quite astonishing while people are saying this has revolutionized the technological world.

  • Printer Ink Cartrdiges
    Green Technology

    The Best Ink-Saving Typefaces and Fonts

    Maintaining a home or office printing equipment can prove to be expensive, due to the astronomical costs of most printer ink products. The irony is that the printers themselves often don't cost a lot. For anyone who's ever bought a printer before, it is common knowledge that many manufacturers sell these printing equipment for almost next to nothing. In fact, personal inkjet printers can sell for less than $40.

  • Industrial Printer
    Green Technology

    Behind the Scenes: How Technology Is Changing the Food Industry

    Technological innovations have changed the way we live, work, and travel. Technology has made notable improvements in fields such as education, transportation, the medical and healthcare sciences, engineering, and agriculture. It is also making a big impact on the food industry, from food processing to packaging and distribution. We may not always stop to think how our food goes from field to fork but, behind the scenes, that journey is increasingly utilizing the latest technology.