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    Better Days? Biden Administration’s New Immigration Bill To Increase Green Card Allocation

    Citing health concerns, former President Trump froze green card processing for new immigrants and suspended temporary work visas. This invariably created a severe backlog, and hurt multiple industries that relied upon skilled workers from other countries. Now with a new person in power, it seems that changes will occur in America’s immigration laws.

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    Border Control Forces Receive New Technology

    Regulating the movement of people, goods, and animals across country borders is vital. As such, border control forces need the best technology. In this article, we’re exploring the latest advancements in technology that are helping in border control. A sense of space: drones and holographic printers VICE has reported that a company called Zebra Imaging, at the Tenth Annual Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas, was noted to be selling holographic printers for a cool $1 million. According to the report, these machines were already being utilised at Border Control stations in El Paso, San Diego and Tucson — having initially been sold to the US military for use…

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    4 Ways Cities Save Money on Sewer Repair

    United States cities are suffering from aging infrastructure, from bridges to highways and sewers. Aging water and sewer systems are a major concern that’s been amplified by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Sewer systems were unable to properly manage the overflow of water, causing untreated sewage to pour into the streets and people’s homes. Flash floods are causing similar issues in cities where the infrastructure might date back to the late 1800s or early 1900s. Cities are often underfunded, leaving the cities to repair sewer lines and “do their best” to correct systems that are past their useful lifespan. 1. Service Line Warranty Programs Cities are teaming up with utility companies…

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    Trump Is Pushing for GOP Tax Reform Changes to Slash Corporate Taxes

    The Trump rule is here with its own cornucopia of reforms and regulations. Republicans are now controlling the Chambers of Congress. They have already rolled out many tax reforms and, like always, there is a lot of debate about their pros and cons on the commoner and small business owner. Trump has already pushed for significant last-minute alterations to the GOP tax plans during the first year of its rule.

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    The Opioid Crisis: a National Public Health Emergency

    In mid-October, Ex-DEA Agent Joe Ranazzisi appeared on 60 Minutes to expose details of how pharmaceutical lobbyist and the US Congress have worked in conjunction to knowingly derail DEA efforts at curtailing the opioid epidemic. “Rannazzisi accuses the distributors of fueling the opioid epidemic by turning a blind eye to pain pills being diverted to illicit use,” says 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker to the viewing audience. Then, to Rannazzisi, he asks: “You know the implication of what you’re saying, that these big companies knew that they were pumping drugs into American communities that were killing people?” “That’s not an implication,” responds Rannazzisi, “that’s a fact. That’s exactly what they…

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    Is Cyber Security Dead?

    If anybody in the U.S. hadn’t heard about cyber security before 2016, you can bet that they’ve heard about it by now. From Russian hacking and interference during the 2016 election, to the Dyn DDoS attack that shut down Internet traffic on the East Coast for half a day in October the same year, cyber security began to dominate the headlines, especially toward the end of the year.

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    It’s A Beautiful Day To Save The World

    Do you want more from your career? Perhaps you want to not only leave your mark on the world but change it as well. You can as long as you pick the right career path. There are plenty of career options that will allow you to make a difference in this world and help make it a better place. Here are some of the careers that you might consider.

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    Commercial Consumption: Meeting 2030 Emission Reduction Goals

    In order to meet the Canadian government’s commitment of a 30 per cent reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, the country’s commercial buildings will be looking to slash their emission contributions by nearly one-half. Late last year, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) released a report entitled, Building Solutions to Climate Change: How Green Building Can Help Meet Canada’s 2030 Emissions Targets. The report aims to provide a few tangible steps on how buildings can adjust to reach this fairly ambitious goal. “This report demonstrates how we can achieve real results in the battle against climate change by investing in the building sector,” says Thomas Mueller, president and…