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    5 Tips on Traveling for Beginners

    Getting to travel to a distant place to holiday is not only exciting but also educational. There are lots of things you will learn when you are going for a holiday – not just when you are traveling but also in the preparation that you need to do before you embark on a trip. The following are 5 tips on traveling for beginners. Get Around the Area by Bus If you want to explore the area, you must not be afraid of getting lost. Taking a taxi can be dangerous as there are lots of reports of people getting missing. So, the best way to get around the city is…

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    Instagram Tips for Newbies: How to Increase the Followers and like Numbers

    There is no newbie bonus and the algorithm has become strict and clever, so content has to arrive really well to be seen at all. All of which makes it extremely difficult to attract the necessary attention with his pictures. How to increase the Instagram followers and Like numbers and what tips and tricks you can help, I would like to show in this article. Algorithm displaces the Instagram times Anyone who previously published a picture on Instagram tried to stick to times when many users were online. Morning, noon, evening – very roughly. Pictures were then displayed to followers of Instagram almost chronologically. The new algorithm changed that. The…

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    How Technology Will Benefit Your Wedding

    Everyone longs to have a dream wedding—the day when they will say “I do” to their long-time partner and to a lifetime commitment. But planning for that day can be dreadful for most couples. All that coordinating with guests, entourage, principal and secondary sponsors, and others can be stressful, luckily all that has changed with the influx of wedding technology. Now, the bride and the groom will not have to worry much and let technology handle everything. Technology has changed the way weddings are planned. While the flowers and the souvenirs are still there, most of the things done with pen and paper have started to embrace technology—from the wedding…

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    14 Ways to Make Special Moments Last a Lifetime

    At The Wish Photography, we know that taking care to memorialize the special moments in your life is a sacred assignment, but just as important is advising our clients how to make their photographs stand out rather than confining them to a drawer or an album where they will be viewed from time to time rather than daily. How can you make sure this doesn’t happen? By borrowing any or all of the clever ideas we’ve found to turn your photos into decorative touches that brighten up every corner of your home and your life. Choose the one(s) that appeal to you most, but if you decide to borrow all…

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    Photographer Job: How to Turn Passion Into Career

    Photography is a hobby for many people, although not everyone gets to the professional level. According to 2013 statistics, there are 60 million people who practiced photography versus 54,830 employed professionals. The photographer salary varies and depends on the industry, so you can count on somewhere between $21,527 – $98,432, as reported by PayScale. Those who do make it to a professional level, spend a lot of time on learning how to become a pro photographer. You can master an art of photography in photo schools and studios, where professionals will teach all the secrets of this relatively young profession. Nonetheless, the demand for photographers is huge. They are needed…

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    6 Questions You Should Ask a Wedding Photographer

    Finding the best wedding photographer seems to be a tedious job to many couples. However, it can be the easiest task if you know your needs. Over the years, many people have purchased high definition cameras alluding that they are wedding photographers. Nonetheless, before you make the crucial decision you should find the best and experienced wedding photographer. Once you have shortlisted, the best photographers like photographer in Byron Bay you should ask all the relevant questions. I know some can go overboard but the following are the most important questions you should ask your wedding photographer before hiring one. The Number of Weddings You do in a Year and…

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    Helpful Suggestions for the Introverted Bride

    Are you a person who tends to find noisy, busy social situations emotionally and physically draining? Do you find yourself quiet and reserved in large groups of unfamiliar people? Have people told you that you are more self-aware or thoughtful than the average individual? Do you value your alone time and enjoy doing most of your favorite things in solitude? Do you excel at your job because it provides you with a great deal of independence? If so, you are displaying some of the characteristic signs of introversion. While introverts can and do socialize, they tend to stick with a small group of intimate friends. For the introverted bride-to-be, the…

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    5 Benefits of Outdoor Wedding Venues

    Wedding venues contribute about 60 percent to the success of a perfect wedding. It is one of the critical decisions that you need to make with a sober mind, putting into consideration a number of factors. Being an important day of your life, you should make it memorable, and save yourself the embarrassment that comes with poor planning. A wedding venue matters a lot since it will also affect how your wedding will be conducted. You need to take time to consult professionals or couples who have married before you. You can conduct your wedding in an open or enclosed space. However, most people prefer open areas. Here are the…

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    Get More Out of Your Smartphone With These Ideas

    Your smartphone can probably do more than you currently give it credit for. Most people don’t make the most of every feature and every function that their phone offers, and they don’t even realise that this is happening. The number of unexpectedly cool things you can do with your phone will blow you away, and these functions could even make your day to day life easier than it is right now. Here are just some of the ideas you should try out. Get a Clip-On Lens Everybody’s a photographer nowadays thanks to the high quality of the cameras that are found on pretty much every smartphone. But you can get…

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    5 Tips for Taking Great Nature Photos in the Canadian Wilderness

    Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, the Canadian wilderness should be a high priority on your photography bucket list. Boasting scenic delights like alpine mountainsides and marshes teeming with wildlife, there are endless opportunities to take some National Geographic worthy snaps. If you’re planning your next expedition into the Canadian wilderness, why not check out these five tips to elevate your photos from standard to stunning? 1. Bring the right photography equipment This might sound obvious, but in the world of smart phones, it can be all too tempting to skimp on equipment and rely on your iPhone’s point-and-click. According to Canadian photographer Lori Janeson, you should…