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    Why an SSL Certificate Is Important for Your Company Website

    Is the website secure? That’s the main thing customers are looking for in your website. As Internet is advancing by leaps and bounds, hackers are getting more and more sophisticated. To ensure the integrity and safety of your business information as well as personal details of the website visitors or customers and stay protected from these cyber criminals, it is of paramount importance to get an SSL Certificate installed.

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    How the Culture of Collaboration Increases Security Risks

    Nearly three-quarters of employers say collaboration is very important to their business, according to research from Queens University of Charlotte. Collaborative workplaces benefit from the diverse skills of numerous employees who enjoy greater opportunities for learning from one another. However, despite the many benefits of the culture of collaboration, this increased teamwork carries greater security risks.

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    Hackers Target Gmail Users

    If you are a Gmail user, be informed that a recent spear-phishing attack aimed towards the Gmail users has been reported by Symantec. The objective of the attack is to gain access to the mail account of the victim, and to meet this aim the hackers are using the account recovery system of Gmail itself. Why Hackers Choose Gmail? Gmail is generally considered as secured, but if the hackers can manage to get information about the account directly from the user, hacking becomes nothing but simple; and in this case the hackers are taking a way that is making users easily fall for it. To initiate the process the hacker…

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    4 Email Scams to Watch Out for

    Nowadays scams and cons come in all shapes and forms. Most of you will know that emails are no safe haven, and you need to remain quite vigilant when reading yours. This article will take you through a handful of popular email scams in hope that you won’t be caught out in the future. 419 – The Nigerian Scam Thousands of Britons will have received the ‘419’ or ‘Nigerian Prince’ scam. Most of you will have ignored it, but it only takes a few people who may not be as tech-savvy or knowledgeable to fall for the desperate (but fake) cry for help from a member of the Nigerian royal…

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    7 Useful Tips and Tricks for PayPal Users

    PayPal is one of those online entities like Google that everyone knows something about. You may be surprised about what you don't know about PayPal, though. Whether you're using it to pay for purchases on eBay, to sell some things, or to run a full-blown online business, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of PayPal:

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    Social Networking Security Threats

    It seems that nowadays most people don't care about privacy on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The new location service rolled out by Twitter and a similar one under development on Facebook, are another source of potential security risks. Tweeting that you are leaving home isn't such a good idea anymore if you are also sharing your location… It's almost like leaving your door unlocked.