• Paperless Technology
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    Is Paperless Technology the Future of Retail?

    Paperless technology will completely transform office spaces in 2020. Not only are paperless solutions environmentally friendly, they’re also extremely cost-effective. Switching to a digital solution makes sense when you consider that businesses spend over $8 million per year on paper. Maplewave, a retail inventory management software company, explore the benefits of paperless and how it can benefit retail companies across a range of different sectors. Why go paperless? Turning paperless is a big decision for any business to make, and 3% of them have already eradicated its use in every process which has allowed them to witness incredible results across their organisation. With paperless only recently becoming a viable option…

  • File Cabinet

    Why Effective File Management Is so Important

    Untidy, messy office due to a pile of paper stacks doesn’t create a proper environment for working. Employees give a significant portion of their time in work, if the office doesn’t feel welcoming, then that’s a problem of the management. If the employees do not feel the urge while completing a job, then eventually the productivity gets hampered. On the other hand, messy office means one needs to go through a lot of items to find out what that person was looking for, which itself is very time-consuming. Wasting of time leads to delaying, which ultimately results in low productivity. To have a neat and clean office, other than maintaining…