• Technology Circuit Board

    Using Technology to Bolster Customer Acquisition and Retention

    Customer acquisition is crucial for any small business or startup that wants to thrive in today’s world, and retention is just as important. While technologies like the internet have made small businesses more visible and competitive, it’s also taken away from the face-to-face nature of the customer experience. As the world grows more connected, it seems like people are actually drifting further apart in some senses. Nevertheless, the majority of the world’s business is done online. Attracting customers and retaining them in the digital era is dependant almost entirely on the internet and customers that you’ll never meet face to face. So how do you use technology to bolster customer…

  • Field Engineer

    Why Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense for Businesses in the Telecom Industry

    The telecom industry is known for utilizing a lot of labor from freelancers in various capacities. This is because most business owners in the industry are of the view that this strategy makes sense in the long run as opposed to hiring a full time employee for the fieldwork. There are three major reasons why you as a business owner should understand why hiring a freelancer will make better sense. Better Quality of Work Even though some people feel that a telecom freelancer may cause problems within your business, this option allows you to choose the right set of skills you want. Also, it gives you a chance to do…

  • Plan

    The Five Best Ways To Save Time At Work

    Business owners obsess about saving money, but it is time that they want to save. Time is essential to raising productivity levels, which then leads to higher sales. And, higher sales lead to more money. Time also helps a firm become more efficient. Efficiency is something that every business should aspire to because it reduces waste. As you can see, saving time is a big deal. For those of you that don’t take it seriously, that needs to change. Here are five tips that will help. 1. Plan The Day It is a cliché, but a plan is essential if you want your day to be productive. Just a couple…