• Gun Apocalypse Prepare

    Creative Apocalypse Preparation List From Most Obvious to Least

    Prepare for emergencies with essential items: guns (for protection), knives (versatile tools), a dog (companion and early warning system), fake blood (intimidation), non-perishable food, medicine, vitamins, feminine hygiene products, Lifestraw (water filter), backpack, map & compass, flashlight, dirt bike (transportation), Bic lighters, books for knowledge and trade. Stay safe!

  • Artificial Plant

    Are Artificial Plants Better Than Real Ones? Why You Should Consider Investing in Artificial Options

    Live plants are no longer considered to be the norm. Artificial plants have made their way into both interior and exterior spaces. Homeowners can choose silk or plastic plants that have been designed, painted and shaped to feel and look like the real thing. Aquariums can also be set up by fish keepers who opt for artificial plants. The choice of house plants and flowers ultimately comes down to personal preferences. However, if you are looking for low-maintenance and durable plants, faux flowers and foliage are the best options. They have several benefits in comparison to natural plants. Withstanding Seasonal Changes Live plants shed their leaves and flowers seasonally, which…

  • Concrete Pipes
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    4 Ways Cities Save Money on Sewer Repair

    United States cities are suffering from aging infrastructure, from bridges to highways and sewers. Aging water and sewer systems are a major concern that’s been amplified by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Sewer systems were unable to properly manage the overflow of water, causing untreated sewage to pour into the streets and people’s homes. Flash floods are causing similar issues in cities where the infrastructure might date back to the late 1800s or early 1900s. Cities are often underfunded, leaving the cities to repair sewer lines and “do their best” to correct systems that are past their useful lifespan. 1. Service Line Warranty Programs Cities are teaming up with utility companies…

  • Handcuffs Arrest
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    Absurd Laws You’ve Been Breaking and Could Be Jailed For

    In the free world, every single person has to abide by certain rules of law. Why? Well, there are a bunch of reasons that range from the fact anarchy is packed full of flaws, people can’t be trusted to rule themselves in a whimsical fashion and, above all else, so the rights of the smallest minority are upheld and protected; that small minority being you, the individual. However, for all the good and all the sense that is intended, there are exceptions to every rule and so you can be sure to find some seriously absurd laws upheld the US justice system. You probably know what we are talking about…

  • Snake

    6 Of The Most Dangerous Jobs On Earth

    Like most people, I’m sure there are certain things about your job that bore you to tears. However, when you consider what other people have for a nine-to-five, it can make your cushy office job seem much more appealing! Here, we’ll look at six of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Some of these are sure to make you grateful for your white-collar grind!

  • Axe Wood

    How Axe Throwing Lessons for Teens Lay Roots in the Community

    Over the past ten years, axe throwing leagues have been opening up across Canada, especially in the GTA. For the most part, they've been adult-only venues, but some of them are now opening up lessons for teens. It's an amateur sport that only recently grew out of its origins in people's backyards and sheds, and its players and organizers have deep roots in their own communities.

  • Cheese Rolling Festival. Photo by Dave Farrance. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

    The World’s Weirdest Festivals

    Every year in the West Country one very unusual annual festival takes place. The cheese rolling festival of Cooper's Hill is infamous for its sheer inexplicable concept, and involves a wheel of cheese battling humans to the bottom of the hill.