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    Motorbike Delivery: The New Technique for Pro-Bikers

    Shipping a motorcycle is not an easy task. These products are usually very expensive, and the last thing you want is for your motorcycle to get damaged or lost in the process. This is especially the case for pro-bikers. Pro-bikers spend a lot of money on the best and highest quality of bikes. They also have a deep passion for biking that their machines are the most precious things in their lives. Therefore, for such a person, shipping a bike could be very stressful. For this reason, the best option for shipping a motorcycle would be to hire a shipping company like Shift. How do motorcycle shipping services work? Companies…

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    Worn Motorcycle Tires Can Cause Fatal Accidents – Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Tires

    Bikers experience a level of exhilaration and freedom like few others ever have the opportunity to. There’s nothing quite like hitting the road and burning rubber on two wheels with a group of skilled riders who share your passion. Part of the excitement that comes from riding bikes is the speed and air contact, but you still want to practice bike safety. A blown tire can turn a thrilling weekend expedition into a visit to the emergency room and a follow-up with a car accident lawyer toronto-based. It can even result in a fatal accident. Blown tires are potential catastrophes that can and should be avoided at all costs. You…

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    5 Huge Benefits of Buying Customized Biker T-Shirts

    We use different type of clothing on a regular basis where t-shirts are one of the common parts of our daily wardrobe life. We use them as casual wear, event wear and in most of the cases as uniform in our offices, motorbiking events, and on other occasions. They can be a positive asset when customized with appealing designs, artwork, or any image of our own choice.

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    4 Important Actions To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

    The actions you take immediately after a motorcycle accident, as well as the days following the accident are extremely important. These important actions may decide your compensation for personal injuries, bike repair costs, and more. You may not think of the small stuff, because let’s be honest, a motorcycle accident is scary. The fatality rate of motorcyclists when compared to cars is 28 percent higher, according to a 2017 report by the Governors Highway Safety Association. When involved in an accident on your motorcycle, know you have a lot of rights and the actions you take are vital. Stay clear-headed and follow the below four important actions after a motorcycle…

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    First Fully Functioning 3D Printed Bike Unveiled

    There has been much excitement in sunny California recently since it was in this location that the first fully functioning 3D printed motorcycle was unveiled for the world to see. Audiences at the California Tech Fair peered on with open mouths as the curtains dropped and standing before them was a fully working Harley Davidson Softail. This brand is a well-known name and is often depicted as being one of the best motorcycle creations of all time, but what led TE Connectivity to transform this beautiful model into a 3D printed bike? The Creation Process According to Auto Evolution, creating this majestic specimen took 1,000 hours to complete and cost…

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    Tips for Traveling Long Distance on Your Honda

    Are you planning on taking off for a long distance solo bike ride on your Honda? You may be an experienced rider, but the real question is: Are you an experienced traveller? The idea itself is amazing, and riding across the country or continent is an experience that is limited only for a brave few. Take some advice from experienced bikers, those who have already embarked on such adventures and gained something valuable, and somewhere among that gained knowledge you will find what is it that you actually need in order to pull this off. Being a biker essentially means that you are not rooted to a specific location and…