• Handcuffs Arrest
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    Absurd Laws You’ve Been Breaking and Could Be Jailed For

    In the free world, every single person has to abide by certain rules of law. Why? Well, there are a bunch of reasons that range from the fact anarchy is packed full of flaws, people can’t be trusted to rule themselves in a whimsical fashion and, above all else, so the rights of the smallest minority are upheld and protected; that small minority being you, the individual. However, for all the good and all the sense that is intended, there are exceptions to every rule and so you can be sure to find some seriously absurd laws upheld the US justice system. You probably know what we are talking about…

  • Overseas Highway

    Top 3 Ideal Road Trips and Quick Tips to Get You There

    From the West Coast to the East, the temperature is soaring and so, too, is the need for a good escape from the office. Whether you're looking to distract the kids from their summertime videogame addiction or you're seeking a little one on one time in the most romantic of locales, here are our top 3 picks for an ideal summer adventure on the road.