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    How to Save Money on a Family Vacation

    We’ve learned by now that not much is free, but there are procedures in place to make some particularly pricey events cheaper. But how are you supposed to save money on a family vacation? When you’ve got a family of four or more, taking a trip can get pretty expensive. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to reduce the overall cost of a family trip.

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    Useful Tips to Prepare for a Gap Year

    So you have decided that it is time to have a gap year. Preparation is one of the easiest ways to have a free-flowing and hassle-free trip. Planning finances, money, travel insurance, health and safety will depend on adequate pre-planning of your itinerary. Planning can be completed within a few weeks and is usually a good way to get a broad understanding of some of the challenges of your upcoming gap year.

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    How To Travel Solo Safely

    Travelling solo as a woman is brave, exciting and really fulfilling. Here is a handful of ways to keep you safe while you're there. Knowing lots about the place you're heading to will serve you well. Find out any areas to avoid, plus local customs and traditions. Also, find out what the currency is, and any visas or jabs you need to get.

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    Ways to Finance a Home-Based Business

    Before starting a home-based business or a small startup, you must have sufficient capital on hand to purchase anything essential you need to start offering your products or services to the consumers. Things like physical office location, necessary equipment, business website, and other office supplies are the basic business overheads that a business needs to pay on a regular basis in order to streamline business processes and operations. Home-based businesses usually have fewer financing choices because most don’t have enough to qualify for a loan from the bank. Fortunately, there is a variety of small business financing options out there that small startups and home-based businesses can assume to meet…

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    General Education

    8 Reasons Why Education Is the Key to Success

    Education is so integral to how society functions, and how you live your life. This is for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that education is the key to all future success, and in most cases the more you learn and know, the more successful you will be. Why is this, and what is it about learning that makes you more likely to be successful in whatever endeavor you decide to move onto? Read on to find out more.

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    5 Smart Ways to Recognize a Winning Entrepreneur Worth Investing In

    There are tons of entrepreneurs these days, spurred on by the success of TV shows like Shark Tank. It seems nobody wants to work for others anymore. With so many people actively building businesses, it’s not always obvious which investments are best. It Takes New Ideas to Make Money Investing in a new idea offers potentially high returns. “Me-too” style businesses can make money, but they face enormous levels of competition. If you’re looking for a business model to invest money in, it should have a high return and be unique enough to repel competition. This investment fact is why the famous investment “sharks” on TV always want to know…

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    6 Steps to Make Your Dream Vacation Actually Happen

    Everyone has a dream vacation they’d love to take, but not everyone gets to turn it into a reality. Making your dream vacation happen takes some work, but if you’re willing to do some planning, have some patience, and work hard, you could make it happen sooner than you think. So whether you want to travel to Belize or Antarctica, to help you out, follow these 6 steps to turn your dream vacation into a reality. Research Your Goal First up, you’re going to need to do some research. Where do you want to go? When is the best time to go there? What are the average flight costs? What…

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    College Student’s Guide to Spending the Summer Abroad

    School’s out for the summer. Woohoo! Now what? You could spend the summer like you have your entire life or you can venture out. Your college years are the perfect time to get out and travel. Budget can be a serious drawback, but we’ve got you covered. We will take a look at how to save money and make money while traveling abroad. How to Save Money If you have been living in the dorms, you are about to find yourself without a place to stay. If you have been renting a place, your lease is probably up. That’s great news. Pack up everything  you have and take it to…